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I like the build... I have to try it
Ghost 6/10

You need some Loh or LS imo. Going to be hard to survive higher mp's.

Your Thing of the Deep has too little average damage. You should try to find one that has in excess of 200 average damage. They aren't a lot of money.

I'd give you probably an 8 or 9/10. I feel like your character is very well balanced with above average damage and survivability. The only thing you can really do is slightly upradge each piece over time as your set up is great. PS: I want your helm badly.

In my opinion, gargantuan isnt a great skill slot; you are already running dogs which do the same things. I don't know if you intentionally tried to stack life per seconds, but in my opinion it isnt worth it. I would suggest exchanging garg for acid cloud, so you can take advantage of your decent amounts of life on hit, and upgrade away from life per sec. You could probably find a better helm for pretty cheap as well (although a zuni helm with mana regen might drop your dps, it would significantly help you spam bears and actually do more damage). Also, try to find some +pickup radius to help out your passives.
you need more mf

btw whats with everyone's facination with jaunt?

Grats on a very unusual build. If this is all found equip then easly 8/10 if you are using the AH I can't help but think you could do better. With the gear as presented it looks like you are tryingto base your build around haunt and locusts. Which is way cool but im not sold on the effectiveness. 4/10 if it's an ah build.
my !@#$% is smaller and more broken than yours. I get it.
@Blackjack Your build actually reminds me a bit of Jimbob's build I rated on the previous page. Like his I applaud you for being original and thinking outside the box. You also have outstanding mana regen with lots of CC effects which is rather cool to see. I would venture that your actual DPS is much much higher than your sheet dps. 34% damage vs elites and 15% crit chance to acid cloud not being calculated into your sheet DPS but I would assume make a massive difference in actual gameplay (not to mention high mana regen).

I don't really have a suggestion as to what to upgrade next, I hope you don't mind. I just wanted to take a moment to comment on/commend your Witch Doctor.

8.5/10 I like most of your gear, but I don't agree with the 2H (that's just my opinion though). Love the belt.

Interesting pet build. I'm new too WD tho so I dont really know how to rate.

I love your emphasis on Armor and EHP over DPS.

@ Pillz

Nice gear for zb build. Probably work on getting better gloves with higher int and crit dmg (shouldnt be too hard to get with PuR)

@Ghebee -- Great gear for the most part, like the build too... Don't use spirit barrage much but would Manitou be better for it? Anyways.. 9/10
@phishphreak Great Paper DPS, but you have three items with a lot of IAS which inflates Paper DPS without really doing a lot for damage output. Need some resistances too. But still nice WD and I love the fact you use FB instead of the standard spiders... 7/10
Nice survivability, increasing your crit chance will really help out the dps along with a crit dmg/soc weapon. 7/10

Is mass confusion and spirit barrage (manitou) effective? I havent used them in forever
Not familiar with the build you are using, but I like what you are doing with most of your gear. However, it looks like your glove and ring are holding you back damage wise. You could add 10k in those two slots alone. You should be able to grab some 160int/8ias/8.5cc gloves at a good price without much trouble. The weapon gem need to be upped too if you plan on keeping it.


Wow! I don't even feel qualified to critique you, but I'll say 9.5/10 only because a faster weapon and better HF ring would do wonders for you.
7/10. You're fairly strong, and the attack speed will allow you to put out a lot of dps with the skills you're using, but you've got a lot of crit dmg being unused. I'd sacrafice the ats ammy for a crit one. Nice setup, though.

Can't see your profile, so nothing for me to make a comment there.

nice a splinter build. haven't seen those often since 1.0.3

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