please help..

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what is this? virus? how come i cant delete the file..
please help

I have no idea what you'e got there but it looks like something's gotten corrupted. Possibly since it's a removable disk, it was removed prematurely, while writing. If it's just the Logs folder, it shouldn't be causing any problems I wouldn't think, but if you can't run the game, I'd consider deleting the game folder on that drive and reinstalling.
never mind.. its weird.. in my laptop(windows 8) its showing that file.. but here in my desktop(windows 7).. its showing normal file.. i was able to delete the folder.. thanks again

I need to know what kind of drive this screenshot is showing. Is anything else on the drive? Are there are other files/folders looking like that? Do you have a copy of the game on another drive?

If it's corrupted and can't be removed, you'll possibly need to reformat the drive. I cant say without seeing it myself. There are a lot of free disk utility apps that may be able to help as well. Try running Windows' own repair tools.

Right click My Computer, right click the drive icon, Select Tools, and then check it for errors. It may not fix it but it will likely provide some more information as to the state of the drive.

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