Upgrades/Change in Builds/Questions

Witch Doctor
If anyone wants to look at my items and look at skills to let me know what I should change. With how much damage I do I feel like I should be playing on mp7 but I find myself playing on MP4

What are thoughts on Pierce the Veil?

Are Zombie Dogs necessary to keep monsters away from me?

If not should I replace them with Grasp of the dead?

Zombie Bears or Acid Cloud? If I pick Acid cloud should it be Lob Blob Bomb or Acid Rain?

I'm intrigued by the zombie dog/sacrifice build what items would I have to change and how much would it cost?

I currently have 10 MM burning a hole in my pocket what should i spend it on? Or should I save for something better?

When I use vision quest I use my main attack once then spam bears until my mana is gone. Then I use my my attack again until my mana is full. Is there a more efficient way to do this?

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