What do you think of a Stone of Jordan?

Witch Doctor
lol brahm you are in quite the troll-y mood today.

please dont tell me he gave it to his follower.

seriously. that kinda !@#$ isnt funny... at all.

i am curious what happened to that guy and his 2.3 Billion gold ammy.

That's where I saw it last..

Trolly mood? Me Never?! I didn't spent 5m gold trying to build pure IAS WD splinters spec just to rabble rouse the WD forum last nite.. Didn't buy a maras with 14% damage bonus, a serpent with 12, and a mojo with 12% bonus damage for dart lol.. I wasn't running around critting stuff with splinters @ 2.3 or 2.4 AS for like 300k a pop lol.. Unfortunately the crappy gear I didn't get to boost my AS that high left with me 27k health so I didn't keep on getting 1 shot in mp6 & 10 lol. With my my skorn though I wasn't doing 1m crits with dart nope not at all lol.. If only CC/CD maras with splinters were cheaper I was going to make the greatest spec ever. I didn't then load up all the IAS gear with my gear to hit 360k unbuffed DPS w/36% MS! hahahahaha

Btw anybody want to buy a darts, soj, mara, and serpent hahaha

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