everytime i launch game it dl patch

Technical Support
everytime i go to launch my game it re downloads the patch.
this happens every single time i want to play diablo
why does it have to redownload the patch over and over? and how to stop it from doing this
i can't just play the game when i want because i launch game then i gota wait like 5min for it to finish downloading the patch, this is frustrating.

can anyone help fix this dilemma?
once patch finishes i can play game fine but if i exit diablo and start it up again, guess what it wants to download patch yet again.

also its random but every so often when i logon it puts me on EU server?
why does it change my account settings to europe server?
i never change it yet for some reason it logs me onto the europe server when in fact i'm on the US servers, how to fix it so it never logons on trys to connect to EU servers?

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