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More LoH could help with low mitigation. I heard for every 10K dmg you should have 100 LoH.
Hah, nice dude, you got that nats ring yesterday. Was looking at it as a possible flip then slept through the alarm. Really epic piece for sure.

I think I bid over 700m on the ring though I wasn't expecting it to go nearly that high. I would have been very perturbed indeed if it had!
New to wiz really, just looking for next upgrade if I could get some info.

@Sennin, Idk where to even start, just re roll :p
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Deamon32, easiest upgrades would be those gems.

I know i'm sitting at 2.72 aps; this is my survival gear. For speed (ubers), i switch out to a tals chest and nats ammy which gets me to 3 aps.

gloves with all resist
need advice for under 50 mil upgrade
@alibaba get some blackthornes pants with 2 sockets, they are quite cheap 2m-4m ish
@louie but that would bring my AR down to 600ish
@BDF, none of your upgrade will be cheap, but judging from what you already have, price may not be a big concern for you. :P

I suggest changing the 16% mf to some useful affix, such as armor or higher int/vit. Also, your Tal armor can be improved by having >400 int+vit.

@louie, you have mf on many of your gears. I would suggest you replace some of them by high int/vit, so that you can farm higher mp lvls with efficiency.

your gear is nearly impossible to upgrade. no point really. i guess the litany would be the easiest thing to replace if you have a billion gold burning a hole in your pocket.
@ Ryan dunno maybe different Inna's?

better gems and some more vit.

get a better weapon with soc + Critical hit dmg + life steal for your case

it's cheap nowadays for those around 800+ dps

far more better than your current weapon
@ Sasuke

Maybe work on your EHP a little? Either AR WH or switch to AR Jousting pants (with 2-pc bonus as well).
@Maysrill: Need more RA gears - I would start with a new ring:)
could use a open socket weapon for crit dmg, would explode your damage exponentially
But I need my Chant to be 1.79 to reach 3.01 BP.
@ dboy I am going to say gloves.

Me next!

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