MP 10 WW BARB (giving help/advice today)

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12/04/2012 10:02 AMPosted by RomeyOne1968
I currently can do MP3, but would definitely would like to do a lot higher. I want a Hell fire ring and need more gold for gear, so need to be able to run at a higher MP. I would greatly appreciate more input from a experience player.

Nice Skorn and Boots....

good CC and decent CD.

For skorn barb you want to aim at having AS in almost any slot gear you can. all jewelry and gloves. Lacunis prob be a good legend bracer for you.

When you upgrade your helm, make sure you get a socket in it. you can always place a ruby or a purple lol for get the name :)

And just try to bump your Vit up to 35k minimum...

For you builds...i see your not doing WW and that's ok. just keep trying different combos. Keep in mind that a good balance of offense and defense is a good way to go about things. one or the other is not more important BUT some are more powerful depending on your gear/stats.

AR aim to 450 for now...500 is better base
@ PicklesJr,

thank you very much for doing this!
I recently made the switch from S&B to Whirlwind and got the primary upgrades I need. Now I'm at a point where I don't know which socket should be upgraded first. My goal is to be able to run MP7 Ubers without dying.

I always like to see solid EHP barbs. and since i'm aiming for better ehp it helps me too!

so having great EHP like yours means you can have an easier time upgrading for dps...

your CC and CD is pretty solid too...more is better from now on.

What i would try to do is start increasing your AS...try to get it above 2.00%. your ring and ammy would be best for AS slot. You can also give up a bit of Str in your glove and add AS. just make sure it doesn't lower your dps when you do. Link into text box,hit enter, start a game and click on link...then see who it affects your dps. This is because even though AS should be better in most cases you want to make sure it bumps your dps in paper and WW theory. that's how you kick butt.

Nice slap board too. if you can, and i know it's gonna be hard cuz all the ehp it holds, but try to increase block % above 20% would be a good aim....BUT don't worry to much about it..check ah and see if they got something like yours if not no biggy for now.

Last, look into getting that extra 12% MS. again difficult but you should fit it in to the set sometime in the future...

could u please take a look at my barb and tell me what i can improve on.. im trying to get to around MP1-2 but i keep getting murdered trying to do alkaizer runs. thanks.

Ok, you are dying becuase of low life regenerator...LS, Loh, and LR. the LS you got on your main hand is not enough.

-Switch TaN for Bloodthirst.

-also, I see you have Echo on off-hand BUT swap it to main hand. Not sure why you have it on off-hand (maybe because of lower fear proc...) but either way the higher weapon range from it will make your WW dmg bump significantly. Also i suggest you use Rend - Blood Lust instead of War Cry. better AOE and awesome life regen source.

In general i would not focus in MF from now on...even if your low MP. It is just a distractor from building a solid barb. not worth the time imo.

Your Oculus ring is not doing much for you try swapping it for something that has CC, CD, AS, or Avrg dmg. those are the big dps boosters. you will have to comprimise on Vit, AR, and Loh. Same goes for your main hand ring.

Last, when you get around it...your belt could use LS.
Very kind of you to do this.

I would love some ideas on my setup to help progress into the higher mp levels 8+
Hey KingB,

I would love some advise on how I can upgrade my DPS as well. I like to play WW/Rend and Variations of HoTA. I know i need to get a better amulet but I tend to lose so much HP that it's not worth it unless I upgrade something else at the same time.

Hey King

Was wondering if you can rate my barb. there is still some things i do need upgrading for ex. my boots need to be ice climbers etc.. but wanted to know exactly where i stand with mp 10.

Thanks in advance! :D

EDIT: Profile not updated but i switched my IK helm to Str/CC mempo
12/04/2012 10:37 AMPosted by RomeyOne1968
Are you able to help me? How much do gold do you think I need to fix my Barb?

I would just take it one step at a time. you could spend a ton of gold and still want to get better items. read what i post of your barb...let me know if you have more questions...
You're nowhere close to having issues with WOTB uptime at MP10. No one is. Not even the highest DPS players in the world.
Hi kingly,
have about 200 mill to up grade at the moment Was thinking of upgrading Belt to include VIT.
But then there's the ring or offhand upgrade option as well. I don't wanna break the IK set as I love it.
Ideas please
hey man, apreciate what ur doing, can u give me some tips for mp 10, i can do it slowly and i die a bit, succubus mostly. i stacked LS and loh for reflect dmg.

Hey there, mind taking a look at mine?
Just hit 60 with this Barb recently and had a fun time playing him in higher MP.
Right now I can take down elites as high as MP7, though some affix I find more difficult than others and had cause me a lot of deaths.
Right now MP4-5 feels about right, rarely any death.
What could my Barb improve on gear and skill wise?

I like your skill set, really do. One thing i would change is Rend-Blood Lust instead of War Cry. And if you are feeling experimental, because i'm not 100% it would work, try using Killing Spree instead of Crushing Advance. would be awesome if it works. If not, i agree Crushing Advance is a solid choice... let me know if you do try it out.

First, solid: CC, CD, Hp, and LS.

-One major upgrade is your AS...aim for above 2.00%

-AR get it above 500

-Str aim above 2.5k

-and add that extra 12% MS. I see your not totally comitted to your I would put Inna's pants and build around that...will slightly bigger challenge. OR easier swap is your Strongarm for Lacunis but you will suffer a lot of Vit and maybe DPS...either way i don't think you can go wrong and either way will be chanllenging.

12/04/2012 10:39 AMPosted by SlayerGrim
Improve my barbarian plz

Again, glad to see strong EHP. very solid start.

Now Dps work.

I like your CC.

CD bump it to 300% minimum. How to do...ok so your weapons are nice but they are not giving you the dps you deserve. With a solid CC you will benefit from any CD upgrade to socket weapons with base CD. minimum base CD at 50%...lower ok if other stats justify. You might not find Loh on them but LS is another option. just keep a good LS/LoH balance as you go forward.

Also, if you really want to bring the best barb you can it's time to start letting go of MF.

One other i'll mention that kinda goes a long weapon upgrades. Bump your AS as close to or above 2.00%. I say it goes with weapon upgrades because you may want to look for sword or dagger for off-hand. and echo fury for main hand.

your jewelery looks decent, with the exception of the Oculus. I see your holding on to it for two reasons...the STr, Vit, and AR, and also because MF....but that ring should have minimum CC on it. so give up a little bit of EHP and put some CD, "AS", and Avg dmg on top.

One last thing. well two. Try using Rend-Blood Lust instead of Overpower. better survivability and AOE. Second, i think you might find that Hurricane works better for WW build but on that I will leave it to your taste.
Thanks for doing this. I am a very poor Barb. Would love any suggestions:

I can currently do MP5 in act 1 with little issues.

Thanks again.

Very cool AS!

Try to bump your Hp above 40k for your barb. normally suggest 35K but your so close that migt as well get it all the way above 40k.

You have a good balance between CC and CD...anymore are just nice dps bumbs from now on.

Good LS and MS.

All your gear is in balance actually...but just low hp.

What i see is that your Echo fury is a bit handicap. Try searching for one similar but with a mix of Str, CD, or AS. you might have to lower the weapon range but if you can slip in some of those other stats it will benefit you greatly...Heck, even if you find one with LS or Vit will give you better survivability which you need. so keep that in mind.

Now i do like your off-hand. only thing i wish it was a sword or dagger. but no biggy your AS in general is awesome.

On your belt get one with at least 50 AR next upgrade.

Last thing is change War Cry for Rend - Blood Lust. more AOE and survivability.
12/04/2012 11:20 AMPosted by TEDDYBEAR
you think frenzy is more effective than cleave? I can hit like three enemies and almost top of my fury. Just curious, i will try using rend lust, that works very well with Hota build, didnt think about ww. I use hota for ubers and ww for farming.

I think Frenzy gets you more dmg output because of Maniac...BUT i don't think one is better than the other....all just depends on play style. there are some runes i do think are better than others but Primary to me is all about taste. So use Cleave if that works better overall for you, especially if it helps you generate fury.
Why is an Echoing Fury without CD and without LS so good? Everyone uses them and I'm not sure why you wouldn't use something else with said affixes.

Also, my barb is using alternate gear/skills atm so nothing to see... :)
id like some advice also
I would love some feedback on my barb too. My profile isn't updated though, but the only difference is instead of the IK irons, I'm using a rare with 130str, 60 all resist, 8 IAS, 8cc.

With my setup, I can do MP10 with little to no trouble.
I'm at 140k DPS with scoundrel and 220k with WotB.

Currently, I only have 5.90% Life steal from my belt and passive.
I could switch out my EF for a dagger that boosts my LS to 8.80% but I would lose about 30k DPS and gain about 5k HP.

Also, I find that overpower with crushing advance is a lot more useful in mp10 rather than war cry. I could try using rend/bloodlust like you have suggested other people and see how that works.
see my post on 1st page pls King :)
I just want to give a quick shout out to all you fellow barbs in trusting me in giving you advice and thanking those who have giving a "thanks" remark. Sorry if i take a long time to get to you...i like to really look at the stats and see where you are strong and where is the weakness. I look at both profiles and diablo progress.

Other than that, i will continue posting reviews today and forward as long as you guys/gals post your barb.

Ty for doing this =)

I've got a very simple question so I hope this doesn't take up too much time.

If I were to make a switch to double tornado, what would be two reasonable weapons to get with a budget of around 50m?

I've got an axe with 935 dps, 150 combined str/vit, 60 CD, OS, would that be a serviceable MH or would it bottleneck my tdps? I'd like to get a 1.1k+ wep but I don't think that's realistic with my budget.

I'd rather not go EF OH since I'd either need one with LS(too expensive for me) or I'd have to use LS passive.

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