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I have a Y580 with a GTX 660m, quad core i7 processor, and 8 GB of RAM. I knew Diablo 3 should have no problem running on my computer, but there was the constant stutter in FPS whenever something new would appear or if I walked to a new area of the map. This problem has been reported and posted constantly, but as much as I've searched I haven't found a fix around here.

After searching around a lot I found one suggestion that solved the issue very well for me and made the game very playable.

You need to open the D3Prefs.txt file in Documents\Diablo III and change DisableTrilinearFiltering to 1 then save.

Then start the game again and check if this fixes the stuttering issue for you. If FPS is a little lower then you would like and you are using Nvidia you can try going into Nvidia control panel and changing the Power management mode to "Prefer Maximum Performance and changing Texture filtering - Quality to "High Performance."

This is what fixed my issue and now I can play almost flawlessly. Please try this out if you have the stutter issue but believe you shouldn't and give some feedback here.
It didn't work for me, unfortunately. I'm on a i7-2600K, GTX 580 and 8 GB RAM.
Worked as a charm! Thank you m8!

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