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I think it's time to end the long debate about if we have overly used fire damage affixes or overused physical based damage affixes.

One of those is too much.

1 cold: Frozen
1 arcane: Beam
1 poison: Plagued
1 lightning: electify
3 fire? : Fire chains, mortar, desecrate
3 physical? : Fire chains , mortar, desecrate

Can we have you chime in again Grimiku ?

I say remove desecrate. Plagued already fills that roll, just remove it - keep fire chains AS fire. Keep mortar AS physical.

Makes the most sense to me. It's poor design we have 3 fire looking affixes (that either do fire or physical) while only have 1 of each of the others.

Whats RD? Is that physical or is it whatever elemental damage your doing. Can it be multiple elements? IE physical/cold?

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