Any clue what these are worth?

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cant even find similar ones in AH :(

max AR..
ffs learn how to input values into the AH search there are tons of zunis with armor
lol Stil, learn to read.. There is only 1 comparable pair like them on the AH the guy is asking 1.75b

Honestly this is a tough one.. The next pair down the guy is asking 300m S/O and doesn't have an offer either but they are a fair bit worse

The next pair down from that just went up for 1d11 @ 50m S/O no offers yet. I would watch that auction see what they go for and have your S/O start at the ending bid for that set. Since the other 2 pairs are over priced with no bids and worse then what you have.

Great find! You'll be setting the benchmark for the price on this one.
These boots are on the AH. the bid is up to 166 Million. 580 Million B/O

feel free to bid!!
I was the first one to bid on them now i got outbid, but I will try to win those boots! :)
that is one sick axe you
common guys. Try lower the start a bit and you can find tons of them. Say 180 int, 80 vit, 75 AR. I don't think the max stats made to much different.

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