Monk increase dmg buffs possible Bug

Bug Report

I hope i calculated corectly, i didnt do any advanced math or maybe im wrong at how buffs apply at base dmg but here is whats happening.

Im playing a monk and my starting dmg is 66k.

I use deadly reach with foresight so thats 18% more dmg. At passives i have combination strike and i use 2 spirit generators so thats another 16% dmg. Breath of heaven with blazing wrath gives another 15% dmg and my las passive is guiding light so that another 16% dmg. That makes a total of 65% dmg. But with all the buffs i get from 66k dmg to 99k. So thats like 50% boost.

I tried it in a party aswell, healing a DH friend of mine and the dmg remained at 99k.

Adrian Stefan

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