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Demon Hunter
Hi guys,

Just hoping you might be able to offer a few simple ideas on how I can improve my EHP which I have discovered is quite low. In fact until yesterday I didnt know EHP existed, but learning from reading threads on this forum.

My HP and resists are low, and in particular would like to double my resists. Both were a fair bit higher with previous gear before I fitted the four set pieces.

Here's the tricky bit, I am operating on a low budget, and with one exception have never had more than 3M gold, for example the gems aI am using are the best I can afford for forseeable future (the one exception being when I found and sold IK set boots for net 21M and used proceeds for weapon upgrade and the four set pieces).

I am killing faster now, but can definitely see the drop in survivability.

Please also not I have only been playing for 5 weeks after geting the game in early Nov. Have given it a decent hammering since then but still a lot of learning to do.

Cheers and thanks for any thoughts.

Happy hunting ...

PS: One other question, how do you high end hunters make the quantum leap from 150K DPS to 300K+ ? Is it all about the primary weapon DPS?
Save up for a high armor, high AR Mempo or Vile Ward. Both can be had for < 5 mil if you search regularly. I think I got my vile ward for 3.5m and my mempo for 4.1m. The mempo, with its +x% life and high AR will probably buff your eHP the most.

And further down the road, consider replacing that Inna's belt with a Hellcat for the AR while also replacing your boots with Nat's to get the 3 set bonus dexterity.

Right now your eHP is 99382 which means most things in inferno can sneeze and kill you. Use as you upgrade to check your gains.
Also, how the hell are you playing efficiently without a hatred generator? You've got redundant hatred spenders but are only gaining hatred with your normal regen amount? Crazy man!
Hi Cocytus, thanks for the ideas. And thanks for the link.

Does redundant hatred spenders refer to the optional hatred based skill choices, in my case Sentry is the only one?

Right now I just use the bat companion and the extra hatred generation on the quiver. I have previously tried using Preparation+Punishment but found I rarely needed to use it, so swapped back to sentry.
You should be using a hatred generating skill, hungering arrow or bola shot would be examples. These skills increase your hatred rather than drawing from it while at the same time dealing damage.
12/03/2012 11:25 PMPosted by Hotrod
You should be using a hatred generating skill, hungering arrow or bola shot would be examples. These skills increase your hatred rather than drawing from it while at the same time dealing damage.

I see your point, however I dont run out of hatred very often hence my comment above that I tried and discarded Prep+Pun/ment.

Since my original post I have tried swapping out a couple of items and increased my EHP by 36% measured by the diabloprogress link kindly provided by Cocytus. But the results do not seem to be commensurate with the EHP gain.

I wonder how EHP accounts for Life Regen in the mix of direct and indirect mitigants used for comparative purposes? Unlike LoH, Regen is passive and maybe heavily influenced by playstyle.

The major stat I dropped to increase my EHP was life regen.

However in my case the benefits of increased EHP did not offset the loss of life regen in the context of my playstyle.

Typically if confronted by a challenging pack I will drop a Sentry, take a step or two backwards and fire using a slower BVR attack (I use lightening ball) to pull. This gives me time to to decide if gloom is needed (reflect etc) and the life regen is a buffer throughout. From there rinse and repeat for damage reflect packs and/or use rapid fire skill as a focus fire attack when needed.
eHP is basically how much pure damage you can take before you die. My eHP is at 455k, which means that with my vitality, AR, armor, and other mitigation, I can take 455k worth of dmg and my mitigation will bring that number down to my full HP, thus killing me. If you're playing at any MP level of inferno, until you get close to double your current 109k eHP, there won't seem to be any positive gain because you're still taking so much damage from any one hit at a time, you're dieing and seeing no gains. So once you're around 200+ eHP, you'll start seeing those commensurate gains. Getting your AR up to between 350-400 makes a huge difference when getting hit by arcane, desecrators, poisons, ets.

As for your life regen of 1k+ a second, thats really high, and I'm sure useful against most white mobs, but when you getting hit by elites and their fun abilities for over 10k its not quite as useful a survival ability. Do you spend a lot of time running around just trying to regen life instead of full on engaging? Something that might help is swapping out 1 or 2 of your Dex gems for Vit gems, since you have more than enough DPS.

As for hatred management, its all up to your playstyle and if you don't find yourself with downtime waiting for that hatred to come back or moments where you can't throw down your Sentry because you're to loww, then more power to you.

Oh right, and if you do eventually go with a hellcat + nats boots, you won't need the 12% movement speed on Lacuna so you can get a bracer with higher survivability stats.

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