Giving away Another WW Barb SET Para5 NP #7

It looks like a significant upgrade for me when looking at the CC chance.

Thank you,
I'm going to assume it's an upgrade for me too, going by everyone else's profile.
Just finished all my exams and finally getting back into Diablo. So massive upgrades for me :)
n00b here, would love this! thanks!
Don't need it but good on you for sharing :)
very cool u doing this, well done :)
Hello click my profile :-) tyvm for consideration. Best of luck to all.
I will be doing the same thing, if you dont mind OP! I can farm things like that pretty well, so new barbs can have a good start!
kulle story bro

(if it says nothing found,click at europe.)
Restored some faith in gaming communities. God bless <3
MY BARB Needs a serious makeover!! can you please pimp him out? LOL
Hey bro! I'll be thankful if I can have the item! Totally a cool upgrade for me! Thanks for your generosity!

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