Add option to disable SCREEN SHAKING please !

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Got headache when playing?

You're playing it wrong!

One poster said it would maybe help him get through a session without puking at all (Meniere's disease)
The "we thought this stuff would be cast at range" explanation is a pile of steaming poop.

Fists of Thunder shakes the screen and it's a melee attack.

You should just cut the screen shaking effect from everything.

It's crap.


Doesn't add anything and you're going to give someone a seizure one day, get a lawsuit, then you'll remove it from your effects post haste. Better to do it now.

It's a stupid effect anyway and only a dumbass designer is going to include something like screen shaking. Why not flash the screen too... really screw those people subject to seizures. Go for broke!
12/10/2012 09:14 PMPosted by Plebeian
We don't think that adding an option to disable screen shake is necessarily the best answer to this problem

This is arrogance, you want to force us to play the game exactly how you designed it? That's like when first person shooters are released on PC with default FOV set to 50 (modern warfare) and there's no option to change it.

If the screen shake in your game makes people feel sick, add an option to turn it off.

It's not arrogance, it's a game design decision. By your argument, any request from a player denied by Blizzard is arrogance. "Blizzard doesn't let me use Whirlwind on my Witch Doctor! Arrogance!" "Blizzard doesn't let me get 10 stacks of NV! Arrogance!"

It's the game designer's call how to build the game. If you can't recognize that, then you are arrogant.

I also have concerns with Passives. 3 is simply not enough when each class seems to have 2 of the 3 to be BiS in ways - If 1 or 2 passives is clearly better than most passives then it pretty much becomes mandatory and taking up a slot always...we need to have at least 1 extra passive to increase more build variety.

Not letting you pick 4, 5 or 6 passives is to prevent you from (a) being too powerful and (b) forcing you to make some tradeoff choices.

3 is fine, especially when you have good passives to choose from.

Unlike Monk where half of them are DOA.
I'm a WD with around 100 hours playing time and I have no clue what you're talking about...
12/10/2012 09:11 PMPosted by Lylirra
And the option to disable the effect is still something we can consider, but it's not something we favor. In general, for a game like Diablo III, we want to try to avoid adding options for everything as a way to correct an issue and instead see if we can address why you're asking for the option in the first place.

12/10/2012 10:18 PMPosted by Lylirra
Didn't say the idea was in the realm of "never," just that we'd rather try to fix the issue at its core rather than simply opting for another menu option over other solutions.

My question is what's wrong with more menu options? WoW and SC2 have what I feel is a healthy mix of options, and D3 is comparatively lacking. Given that addons aren't allowed and there isn't really a competitive side to D3 where this might have a big impact, what's the hesitation?

PS: Why doesn't WoW have voices on a separate volume slider?
12/13/2012 11:48 AMPosted by vanderleest
Fists of Thunder shakes the screen and it's a melee attack.

The Barb's default (ie no skill at all) attack, Melee Attack shakes the screen too, and you don't even have to attack anything, just wave your sword in the air.
12/13/2012 02:09 PMPosted by Brewmocracy
My question is what's wrong with more menu options?

Any software developer aim to provide as few options as possible if not just for the sake of easier support. Some have hidden options in separate text files in the file directory and others have an 'Advanced' option tab with a disclaimer etc. etc. That's what's wrong with more menu options. For example, in order to disable screenshake in Torchlight, you have to edit a text file in the game directory. This does however not prevent Blizzard from doing precisely just that.
Let me just leave this here:

When i switched to 0-second sacrifice, my girlfriend threatened to stop playing with me. So i thought about this topic a little...

If Blizzard does not want - for understandable reasons - to add more menu options, how about "throttling" screen shake? Just make it shake less just like CC was throttled...
I find it rather distracting playing Barb too.
Try doing high level ubers as a barb with a demon hunter spamming stun bolas. Not pleasant at all.
Simple answer to this problem.

When screen shaking occurs, merely shake your head in the opposite way of the shaking screen. This will then negate the shaking and you can then play the game and even give your neck a little workout and give your parents/friends/colleagues another reason to worry about you.

11/27/2012 02:59 AMPosted by Prototype
its so annoying that only good build for WD is zombie bears

This is just not true. In fact I believe the most used build is acid rain and doesn't have zombie bears at all. I get where you're coming from about the screen shaking, but to say zombie bears is the only good WD build is just stupid.
And...maybe while we're on the subject of skills that cause headaches...the first rune on Bola Shot. Guys, you couldn't possibly not have realized what all that flashing was going to do to people playing the tank in a co-op game, right? I have a movement disorder and after playing ten minutes as my monk with some demon hunter friends, my whole left side is a tangled mess because that frickin' flashing set it off.

I'm fortunate that they are cool enough to switch skills for me, but by the time I realized it was a problem, it's too late and my night's shot. Please fix!
Has no one (who is suffering from the shaking) thought of perhaps... I don't know, changing their build and adjusting how they play the game? It seems most of you (rather, those of you who are twisting the words and intentions of the blue poster to seem sinister) are set in the idea that the game must be played min/max to be worth while.

This is what we are seeing:
"Waaaaaaaaaah! When I spam this spell it makes me sick because of the screen shaking! Fix it now! What do you mean you won't change the design of the spell to cater to my play style and disability? You are all a bunch of arrogant selfish fools!"

This is what we should be seeing:
"I use this ability in my active rotation but it causes the screen to shake pretty badly (enough to make me sick). Will you guys do something to fix it so I do not see the FX? Oh? You mean the spell wasn't intended to be used so close or frequently? I guess I should find a build that doesn't make me sick then, lol!"

Sorry, a tad grumpy so I am quite blunt.
better to have a toggle NOW for this annoying problem instead of waiting for a long time to have the problem solved in an elegant way. I mean: u can try to solve this completely changing the FX, but in the meantime please provide the toggle! i think is very fast to do :)
Adding my two cents;

First of all I agree with Lylirra on the point that screen shaking is an issue, and as all issues, should be fixed.

But I completely disagree that there shouldn't be an option to disable screen shaking. I for one just don't like screen shaking, I see it as an annoyance, a screen shaking does not infer in me anything that to some people, or as the dev hope, would give to the player, maybe it works on other, for me it's just a useless FX that I try to ignore.

Adding an option to turn it off simply widens the customizable range of your game, people who simply don't like screen shaking will be able to turn it off, for those who enjoy it, nothing has changed! It's a win-win scenario, so there I ask:

What good reason would you have for not having an option to disable the screen shaking? Not as an answer to an issue, but as an answer to players who simply don't like screen shaking?
@Demintia, Do you even play this game? EVERY attack causes the screen to shake. Some people cannot play the game because of it. "changing their build and adjusting how they play the game" doesn't solve the problem, because the screen will shake regardless.

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