AH Flipping Has Got to Stop Indeed

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11/30/2012 03:17 AMPosted by Gunghoe
I do not remember such a thing ever existed.

It was there.

When the AH was going through some huge problems in the first week and not posting items, it would fail then go to your completed tab with a red text on it with a timer. You weren't allowed to re-post it until the timer expired.
I've made so much money off of idiots posting items at really low prices :)

My equipment has 1/10th of my wealth. The rest went on the RMAH to pay the rent.

After playing the game purely through farming since launch, I've come to realize that in order to get anywhere, you have to flip items to make gold and that'll afford you whatever it is that you want.

Don't blame flipping for the problems in the game. Blame the fact that the game isn't viable to play on it's own without flipping items.
Sigh. OP your just stupid. and anyone who makes this incorrect claim. The majority of player probably like the AH and RMAH its just the select few that want to QQ all day long over and over again just need to stop.

Your idea would ruin the economy! Everyone wants a bargain that's why we shop in the first place!! When we find one its exciting and we should be rewarded with it to do whatever we feel.

If I find a echoing fury on the AH for 50mil. Its clearly worth 500mil what should I do? I don't need one. Im not going to use it? but DAM its only 50mil that's a really crazy price so I buy it!! Just like every other human in the world would. Then what do I do? Its worth 500mil!!! Im so lucky to find it. YES!! So I relist it at the value its worth in the current market. This is what we do in real life and yes in a game. There is nothing wrong with it. Its called being human we all want great deals.

To say I cant sell a 50mil gold item I find on AH for 500mil is ridiculous what a fail idea. If its worth that cudos to finding it at a really bad low price and selling it for what its worth!!
no offense, but dumb ppl like you are the reason why ah flippers are so rich, lól
Stop posting in threads like these one, this talk about Buying and Selling is getting pathetic, it's really sad. . . B&S = Good =)

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just wanted to lodge a vote for "i don't perceive it as unfair. i perceive it as natural."

now get lost with your trash ideas and trash thread, IMNSHO.
11/30/2012 07:17 AMPosted by STG
get lost with your trash ideas and trash thread
Really good idea, OP.

I hope Blizzard can get over their greed and implement something like this.
I've made so much money off of idiots posting items at really low prices :)

My equipment has 1/10th of my wealth. The rest went on the RMAH to pay the rent.


Hope you set aside some for income tax :)
People don't have an incentive to price items correctly because there is no mechanic forcing them to do so. Adding in penalties for not pricing items competitively would correct this problem.

- All they have to do is add a 3% listing fee that gets charged to the player if the item is unsold or the auction is canceled.

- The current AH tax should double if the item isn't sold within 12 hours.
I don't like how AH flipping is strictly superior to playing the game either, but this isn't a problem that requires Blizzard's intervention.

If people sold items for what it's worth then we'd have no AH flipping.

The 'problem' is with the seller, not the flipper.
It's just a game. The AHs are there so it is possible to safely exchange items (profit is not the #1 goal). Economy is irrelevant to the purpose of this game and should not be a player's concern. Fluctuating prices don't matter that much as long as you're using your items to play the game and not as an investment (price correction would affect all items - not just yours).
I Didnt win powerball :-(

Sad Sauce

Account bind an item upon purchase. That will prevent any flipping most definitely. Flipping invokes jealousy anyway. No one wants that. No one wants to hear the endless groaning as the tape measure comes out. Let's stopper it all together. Hold hands and sing the praise of wonder of item binding. We could get back to playing the game and not the goliath of profit that is the AH. Seriously, who wants to play that game?

Oh!? You make a ton of money quicker than farming? What the hell... Screw farming! Play the AH and forget about the account binding item bull. Blizzard should start a workshop on market conditions and item resale value. Profit and loss margins. Installing a plugin akin to E-trade would be a good start. Other players can be your brokers! How awesome would that be? Start up s-corp investment firms - Diatrader? Terrible name, but you see what I mean. Oh man can not wait until 1.06.

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