budget DH in need of help

Demon Hunter
Hi guys, I am planning to build up my freshly leveling DH when he hits 60lv.
However, I am on a tight budget(20-30m), so I am hoping that someone can give me advice on the stats(gear stats if you have time :)) I need to farm mp1-3 and the skills combo thx!
Just google demon hunter budget builds. Or go to YouTube and search the same thing, but check most recent vids. If your budget is over there budget just have a higher max buyout. And buy better gear.
how do you even get 20-30 million i turned 60 with 1.5 million
12/06/2012 01:45 PMPosted by Giaco
how do you even get 20-30 million

Easy... less than 10 bucks... and saves you about 1 month of farming. Lol.

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