why not to auto pause while high ping?

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This has been proposed a few times already, and hasn't been implemented yet. But nevertheless
(when counting roughly from the beginning.)
+1 = +81 ;)
Hm, this got bumped.

Anyway, this sounds only beneficial to solo players.

How about this: When a player loses connection, a message appears to other players such as, "(insert player name) has lost connection" or "has disconnected". Then they gain immunity for say, 5 seconds, then after those 5 seconds they lose immunity, then the 10 second d/c countdown timer starts?

I like ideas that encourage group play, not solo play.
+1 to auto-pause.
The main problem is that the disconnection detection often takes ages... In solo or multi. I lost barbs by DC that could easily stay alive 10 sec in the area where it happened... (and I'm not talking about DH or Sorc). I really think the 10s DC timer should be somehow reduced/changed too.

That's insane that you can't play solo to a solo game because of enigmatic client disconnections that took ages.
+5 great idea!
As soon the servers detect lag (mainly when ping turns yellow or red), the (single) game should auto-pause. (Btw, even the ping indicator lags, meaning that it still shows green although it is clearly not "good latency.) And maybe the game can also be auto-paused whenever there is a disconnection and be resumed manually at exactly the same point as soon as the connection is established again and the ping is green.

We need a better indicator of bad ping. I would like to move the meter to a more visible area on my screen.

also i want to see functionality to make auto-pause if the game unfocused.

Damn you Macromedia wants to make changes to your computer right NOW while I'm in the middle of a fight =\.

Plenty of ways to implement this in a fair manner.

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