used to be SC now HC Bump this

I switched to HC about a week ago or so I think. I was playing my first toon at MP5 and lost him to Belial at level 27. Rolled a monk at MP10 and lost her at level 7. I think I have the "adrenaline junky" out of my system for the moment.

Rolled a new monk and she's at 8. I'm going to try and get her to 60 just to actually get through HC and say I did it. Then I'll probably go back to being suicidal! LOL
I had stopped playing before the nerf to inferno after I killed inferno diablo in SC and came back to diablo 3 after the latest patch to play hardcore like I used on D2(91 barb classic when leveling was actually hard).
I think my wizard is going to live long... only cause im going to play below my lvl until i really think she's ready to move on.. I played her to where she couldnt join any pub games cause she was to high a level if that tells ya anything.
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Started on saturday, and lost a lvl 49 saturday night due to dc.Started on Sunday, and lost a lvl 35 sunday afternoon due to dc.Started again, GOTA KEEP ON TRUCKING!

That sucks. You should probably get to 60 on your first char. I think if you don't get to 60 on your first character your kicked from HC and have to wait a week before creating another character to start over. Reallllly let that sink in that you belong in SC.

I wish people like you would leave HC so we can remove pretentious, elitist pricks.
love how they post from SC2 profiles, would love to see his gear or lack there of ;)
i switched in september. i figure a lot of people started with SC. just look at my demon hunter haha 150k dps (just upgraded, legacy nats set, 80k unbuffed), im the poster boy for the converted. i was getting bored of the game and thought "oh yeah i wanted to try HC at some point". when i got to level 28 or so a buddy of mine joined me, and we played through 3 characters. on my 5th character and i love it. i would consider my witch doctor my best guy :D

ive played my DH maybe 2 hours in the past 3 months lol, people still add me from time to time and i have to explain i have no interest in playing SC more than once a week or so. its great up until i die and realize theres no penalty. they should increase repair costs like 100%

Noice witchdoctor. Now call me crazy but wouldn't your offhand be much more valuable to someone using Zbears? You should try and find someone to do a swap.
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Spirit Walk is the best CC break in the game

You have a talent for understatement, sir.
850 hours softie barb here. Now playing only hardcore! already lost a 60 (paragon 5) WD :D Along with it a manajuma carving knife
992 dps
186 int
2.8 LS

My soul is crying over that one....
Got to 60 with a wiz/monk/barb in SC in 1.02/3. Plan was to make it to 60 in each class, and probably "win" the game with each one as well. Then 1.03 came out, I got to p8 farming a1 and a2 on my bored one day, and decided to try HC for a change of pace. Went back one time to gear up my p8 barb for practice runs in 1.04, then again today had to get 10 SC levels to start a new HC character on the European server for patch days/new challenge/change of pace/etc games. Never did actually do the practice runs on my p8 in SC, and now that I've gotten to lvl10 on the euro server I don't see myself playing SC again at all.


a manajuma carving knife
992 dps
186 int
2.8 LS

more words


Please save any future GFG gear until you get some experience in HC. Losing that manajuma's is a travesty to all WD's.
Please save any future GFG gear until you get some experience in HC. Losing that manajuma's is a travesty to all WD's.

./shrug personally I would still prefer a OS Last breath at 1K DPS (so basically the one that is sitting in my stash, but with a socket.... >>

I know, I am in the minority in preferring Last breath
I'm a convert, started playing hardcore early September.
WD is either the best or second best for HC since 1.04. Pets can tank crazy well, Spirit Walk is the best CC break in the game, and Spirit Vessel is a nice HC passive.I think the consensus among the HC community is (not my choices, but I am crazy)


Mine is:



My only argument is that Spirit Vessel isn't just "nice" it is THE BEST PASSIVE IN THE GAME.

the thing is there really is no better class. i suggest for most new to hardcore. once you get to inferno act 1, try to finish it solo by yourself (most multiplayer games are empty except for hall of agony part)

I was a long time wizard, but got tired of being nerfed. So now my main is a dh and sub is wd

WD has advantage of pets and you can survive with good life regen (1000) and LOH using rain of toads and acid cloud for procs and have tons of magic find and gold find, though some people hate that because of crap dps they contribute. minimum imo 18kdps for wd and wiz if you go with mf and gf.

Dh, with group, always have guardian turret or aid station to help em out with also using slow debuff. Dh is the most fun, i have good dps and gold find, so it is a win win.

Wizard, well cm is the only way to contribute for freeze lock. if you got for archon, have the dps, at least 40k. Other ways is using mirror images or time slow. I use to do cm and combination of time slow and mimics.
switched around thanksgiving. lost 3 chars so far and started my 4th.
dinged my first 60 yesterday.
can't believe i lost 2 wizards on the way with a 900+ hour wiz main. that was humbling.
I always wanted to join HC from the start, but played SC for my first few characters so I can complete the story and not have to worry about starting over in case I died, and to get familiar with the game mechanics with different characters. I haven't made it past level 25 in HC, but that's why you play the game - to beat your previous best attempt.

BTW, is it just me or does it feel a little painful when the "profiles" update on a delay and show all your characters... including the one that just died last night lol

Good luck to you all.
Mine is:


I agree, except probably putting monk right with WD. The only problem is that the strongest monk builds are all boring, mostly standing in every possible combination of damaging attacks while spamming mantra/BoH and killing slowly. WD is faster while being safe, and also more fun.

Current DH is an extremely strong HC solo class, if you GET A DAMN SHIELD, use Perfectionist with its absurdly large buff, maybe get some +armor on your jewelry, and mostly don't stupidly charge into areas unseen, SC style. You can very easily make yourself a tank who also has Smokescreen.

Wiz is ridiculously behind all of the other classes right now.
I switched to HC back in May, shortly after getting my SC barb to 60 once I got the feel for it. I haven't really looked back since, minus a few exceptions during bad latency or after patches.

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