feedback on Blades of the Warlord

I recently really put some thought to this weapon and I am beginning to really like this weapon even more so than my axe with the socket. I would like to see some profiles of anyone using this weapon.
I picked one up with 900 dps+OS for about 100k and have been trying it in MP0 to decide if I want a better one or not. It feels nice and wrath is pretty easy to keep up. Though for higher DPS, I'm thinking it might be cheaper to just go with a rare mw with LS and double crit since it's only real benefit is that it can easily keep you alive at low DPS.
Great for lower MPs.
I used one with the butchers sickle but I have been R4ping face in higher mp's like 6-7 with my skorn with life leach. It's decent because of the flat life you receive when you spend fury but life leach is far greater in comparison. Try it out but they don't sell that well anymore so it's pretty much a lost investment :/

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