Missing CE items after upgrade

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Hi guys,

Need help with this.
I initially purchased a digital version of d3 and recently took on the Heart of Swarm expansion which gave me the blade wings.

Now, I have just upgraded to the Collector's Edition of the game after the above.
However, when i create a new character to redeem the angel wings and dyes, only the blade wings appear in the inventory.

Does anyone have the same problem or know where to get this resolved with Blizzard?

I have a similar issue, though unfortunately I do not have a free character slot. I first played with the Standard Edition with a full set of characters. I stopped playing for a few months, bought the Heart of the Swarm Digital Deluxe Edition (DDE), but did not log into D3 until after I also bought the Diablo 3 CE and upgraded.

When I logged in, I got the banner Feat of Strength, and got a message awarding me the Kerrigan Wings but no Dyes or Angel Wings. This must be a bug they've overlooked. I submitted a ticket as an issue with patching (they don't allow submitting tickets regarding items, which seems stupid, and this was the closest alternative). If that doesn't help I'll be calling support.

Edit: I was given a response. It seems your issue can be fixed by having your account reset which can easily be done by a support team member. My issue however (no character slots available) they refused to fix (No solution available I believe was their wording). Unacceptable imo.

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