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Why can't I start a new game / character for my son to play? I created a new character and quest, but he has my gold and Chest. Its on the same PC / serial. Its not possible to have more than one saved game?
As general advisory note... Account sharing, except in the case of one adult and one minor child they are legally responsible for is against the TOS. While you are probably within the rules, account sharing is still a bad idea. The stash and gold is shared between all the characters on the account. This is working as intended and is a huge selling feature. It allows the account holder to transfer gear between characters. Of course, Auction house use is also shared between all characters...including the Real Money version. This is another reason NOT to have a child on your personal account.

If you want your son to have his own character on his own account then you need to get a new copy of the game and establish a new account in his name. Look for sales on the game this time of year. You can likely find one at a discounted price.

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