Echoing Fury vs sword, Weapon dilemma HELP!!!

Just got this Echoing Fury with socket and decent life steal. Wondering if I should replace my current sword with this one. It will decrease my APS by 0.5, dps by about 4K and lose quite a bit of int.

Any advice is highly appreciated!!

Pic to compare can be found here:

You need the lifesteal, 4k dps is worth losing for lifesteal. The fearing proc cant hurt either.

edit: nvm I just realized you are a CM variant. I wouldnt use either weapon for CM, you need a chant wand and source. Those are pretty much BiS when it comes to CM wiz. But youre wiz is going in an odd direction to me, My advice may mean nothing as you seem to like breaking the mold. Just find what works best for you!!
Hi cam, thanks

I am started with CM build, kinda got tired of it, so I am trying some variations. Still looking for the best build yet. I have ok LOH from amulet so I am doing ok for now. Not sure if the life steal would make it a lot better?

Any other advice?
Life Steal makes things a whole lot better in my opinion. It opens options in builds since you can mitigate damage per hit. If I could find a decent LS weapon that wasn't a billion gold I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
Thanks! Will keep the echoing fury for now. BTW nice sword!
The fear on echoing is just plain annoying and you don't need LS with your build but between the two keep the echoing I guess till you decide what it is you want to primarily do. It will give you more flexibility..sword really doesn't do anything for you.
fear chance is very annoying....
You're using it wrong. You've got a bunch of short-range spells and a weapon that fears your enemies away. What did you expect?

If you're going to run CM, get a Chantodos, period. If you want to be the cool kid with the high paper DPS and the build that doesn't work, it's your call.

If you want a proper use for an EF, use an archon build. You still don't want to be chasing things all over the place, but usually you're killing so fast it doesn't matter.

Your current build is short on both IAS and CC. To get CM to work with that EF, you'd need 60% more IAS than you have right now, and probably another 10-15% CC.
Sell it and just buy a black damage weapon with life steal. The one on my monk only cost 11 mil and has 1070 DPS, black damage, open socket, 175 int, and life steal and no annoying fear proc The same stats on an echoing fury would have cost me 500 mil.
Echoing fury is the worst weapon for CM wizard b/c you fear enemies away. get rid of it.
What's black dmg?
11/30/2012 10:02 AMPosted by Deadoxygen
What's black dmg?

when a weapon reads:
+minimum damage
+maximum damage

means stuff like triumv, zuni boots, tal ammy damage % will stack and add to the DPS of your weapon.

My monk is holding all the gear for my wiz and has a black weapon look and you will see what Im talking about. Has no elemental damage.
Mysrill, thanks for the advice. I just got tired of the typical CM build and wanted to explore something else. I am not a big fan of Chantodos, becoz it's everywhere. So do you think the sword is a better option?

Gotcha, I guess I will swtich back to my sword...
If you're bored with CM, try out archon. It's just a raw DPS build, and your weapon would work fine for it. If you don't like it, you at least didn't have to buy gear to find out.

Really, CM isn't a build for half-measures. You're either in or you're out. Only the top 1% of CM wizards are in a place where they can stop worrying about the freeze and start cranking up their damage output (note: I didn't call it DPS, since sheet DPS isn't often the way they get there, it's usually swapping in SNS skills).

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