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It means awoken in slovak language :)
for•ti•tude •n

strength of mind that enables a person to endure when faced with adversity.
Über Jäger:

Über is a rip from Friedrich Nietzsche's Übermensch.

And Jäger means hunter.

In short, Elite hunter or Ultimate Hunter.
I created this name way back when I was playing Starcraft. A lot of the nicks were already taken so I pondered over it a little while. Greek mythology really captured my imagination then and I wanted a variation of sorts of Icarus. =)
larock - o - no - lie was given to me by friends because of my bluntness. *edit - it was heroes of might and magic 2 I think... and a couple keggers till they coined the phrase. *

last name is larock

used in on xbox live as its typed on my tag here, and always got pronounced like canoli.

so either way you pronounce it is fine, but when I am spam crouching you head in an fps I will chant it the right way. ( larock o no lie )
My name is the scientific term for vitamin c, Ascorbic Acid. KNF was just something I added for pizazz in 5th grade... 15 years later still using it. I picked it randomly off a bottle of orange Gatorade ingredients.
My name is Maxim. My sons name will be Maximus. Also has been my nickname for a long time
I own an IT business and my user is what a lot of clients called me when they couldn't find what they wanted on the net, where I always seemed to find it. Sort of stuck and kept using it for many game/website username since.


I started using Warmaster back in Warcraft 2 days on Kali .. basically because I was the master of war!! Played GoW for hours on end. The name has just stuck around for all these years.
fancy way of saying hello
Mine has been my online "persona" name for as long as I've been online (games, etc, etc). It was the name of my most favorite and longest played AD&D character way back from when I was a kid. He was a paladin (yes I played a Paladin first in D2) and was pretty powerful overall. I was a kid when I named him but Caric is pronounced more like 'care-ick'. Bnet won't let me use the full "Lord" in game for toons however (seriously bliz, in a MEDIEVAL style game?), so in game my main is "LrdCaric". Same on Bnet for Starcraft2.
I love Gundam model Heavyarms. I try to change the name a little but still keep the meaning of incredibly destructing weapons. Heavyarms is the most awesome Gundam model.
It's my name
Short for Makina Hoshimura. An anime character that I felt represented a modern day Demon Hunter.
My name means...
Its pretty self explanatory xD
Gaius Octavius Thurinus, commonly known as Augustus was the first roman emperor.

He was a bawwwwws

Augustus was a title given to a glorious general before the time of the empire. When Octavius came to power, he made Augustus a part of his name and set a tradition for many emperors that ruled after him.

for more see:
my fav hot sauce, :)

O man that stuff is so good!!!

My childhood nickname... cuz im good with dogs

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