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Even the most battle-hardened soldiers paused in her presence for a moment of introspection.

Quoted from a card in MTG. Stoic Angel forces opponents to think twice about how they plan their attacks, as only 1 can be "reset" for next round's attack. I always use her to screw up my opponent's battle plan.
mine is from an older dragon book series. The name of one of the dragons and tameraire, so i changed it. kinda nerdy but I have been using tameraine almost 10 years now
From Terry Pratchett's Hogfather, "COWER BRIEF MORTALS" is how Death introduces himself to children. I used it as an email for years, which was then shortened to briefmortal.

It's appropriate for games because I die alot.
my mother named me ryan cuz i was born to her so it was her right
and then people started calling me it
Would have used my XBLGT CtrlAltThe1337, but the character limit is shorter here, so had to reduce it to CtrlAltD1337. It's a 13375p34k wordplay on Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
Japanese for black... Just my favorite color :/ ..
10% crit chance ftw!
One of my favorite anime character from Flame of Recca but i prefer to go with the kk.
Six-winged Angel.
In Japan, where I lived for 10 years, the toilets that sprayed water up your butt after you finished had washlets. Man, I miss those things....
Enhasa - City - 12,000 BC - Free healing
For Sale: Tonic, Mid Tonic, Full Tonic, Heal, Revive, Shelter, Ether
Treasures: Magic Tab, Speed Tab

Yes, That is a city in chrono trigger. Perhaps you should replay the game if you played it "many times" lol.
last name Graham which means - - hoose for house, get called graygoose alot
Deleted by FUPA

I know what that said... LOL!
Mine's in memory of Ol Dirty B*stard from Wu Tang Clan
Mine is a derivative of the name Aeacus, who was one of the three judges of Hades in Greek mythology
I'm super scurred of bicycles.

Whenever I see one, I don't leave my bedroom for weeks at a time.

Then again, that just sort of happens anyway. So no biggie.
I need not say anything more then watch this...

And then you try it!
When Sheldon Cooper gives you his best ;p

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