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If you've ever read/watched LotR, it's the King of Gondor who cut off the hand of Sauron and took the One Ring. Honestly, I don't like the character, but I love the name. I use it in almost any sci-fi/fantasy game like Dark Souls :)
Well, Sovngarde is the Nord afterlife in the Elder Scrolls games.

And when Sovngarde beckons, every one of us dies.
Love <3
The name of the continent that Grandia II takes place on.
Feeling u get when u inhale a loaded warbler.
I beta tested a Diablo II mod called BTH (Back to Hellfire) and we became friends (Onyx which means black rock). So because I played mods it was my first online identity. Worked great with Diablo, Doom, and Disciples forums all of which have great sequels! :)
mine means devil in portuguese, actually a slang term, "bad thing" would be the most accurate translation, im from brazil
my battle tag is to show how many kidz i have
< since diablo 2.
This has been my nickname ever since the 5th grade. It is from my name, that which I will not give up here! I heard one of my Dads friends call him "Hub" once and since I am the third, and share the name, I stole it from him. Trust me, its not because I want to be the center of everything!
my daughter's name is lilith and since i can't use that name, i use the original hebrew version of it.
Undeploy its a action in software development.

I still play. xDD

The name of my main character is based on the same idea.
Actually his name is almost the same as your battle tag: Kjeldor.

Funny that the Ice Age was my first deck.
Because I'm notorious for being a happy camper.
Villain character in Stephen Donaldson's "Chronicle of Thomas Covenant"

PS name was banned in WOW, had to change it, after the naming nerfs
Let's see, the BattleTag I chose was simply a word I've liked for many years that makes me smile every time I see it. Generally for names that I have to see displayed a lot, or even passwords, I include a variation of a word that has a bit of a silly personal meaning to me, so that even when I'm busy typing in passwords, I can get a smile out of it. One of my old mainstays is "raptor," because, I mean, who doesn't like raptors?

My CM name, however, is a slight alteration of a MUD-type character I ran for well over ten years. Ah… memories. :)

I always thought your name was derived from Valefor, the Aeon Summon in FFX. =)
sonoran Ranch is where I is a neighborhood. It is pretty basic and proud of my purchase, mortgage is scary but worth it right?!
I just happen to have a very sexy learning disability.
Quite simply means Gears of War. Find me a game with that skill cap and I will play it.

EDIT: Halo SWAT is close.
Oppai = Big B--Bs
Dragon = Dragon

OppaiDragon = Big B--Bs Dragon

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