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Rhinestar was the my 1st character as a warrior on D1. used it in D2, EQ2, and WoW.
Used to play halo combat evolved 16 player with friends and i was really into Dragonball Z at the time, been my online/ingame name ever since. My brothers was Iishenron but blizzard claimed it was offensive so he had to change it! lol
I used to own a 2005 Impreza WRX STi and I loved that car.
my battle tag is crowbar bc that's what everyone at work nicknamed me after i accidentally whacked myself in the head with a crowbar. then did it again the day after i got the first stitches out...
My battletag is KingNothing. Its one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands. Metallica! \m/\m/
Tyndareus, my name originated when i started a WOW account about 3 months after it came out, i was stuck when it came to a name for my paladin (a class i have yet to get past 60 hehe) so i looked in one of my philosophy texts because i knew it had a "god family tree" at the end, so i wanted to pick a name from it and I saw this name, i think he was god of earth or something, one of the higher tiers, but whatever i liked it, so i played it throughout WoW, kept it for my profile, one reason being tyndareus is a unique sounding name that has yet to be "ALREADY TAKEN" anywhere i try to use it :) ...
primordial god or personification of time
Master of dark elves: Drizzt/Jarlaxle/Gromph
Drowmercenary wouldnt fit that was my old tag in d2
At the beginning of time Urizen was one of the missing threads in the universe who ruled along with the other Elder Gods who together brought balance to the universe. Urizen was one of these Elder Gods, a great deity that existed before even Heaven and Hell. His sole duty was to consume souls, freeing them from the wheel of life and death and perpetuating conflict as a means of cleansing the universe. The easiest way to maintain peace is to destroy those who created conflict or to have them destroy themselves. Urizen represents balance in that he ends existence. This frustrated the upstart factions of both Heaven and Hell and kept both sides in weakened conditions. They're armies needed souls in order to increase their ranks. Urizen was a direct threat to this need. As long as he was free to roam the universe neither side could gain an upper hand over the other. Thus they teamed together for the first time and defeated Urizen banishing him from this level of reality, the only thing that they could do to him since he was truly an immortal.
Original name is MentalAgression, because of call of duty ( people saying you hack but your just opening their face really...) So ''MentalAgression'' was just a quick of telling other players that its normal if you feel like youre getting owned.. most of people went '' of well, I understand your name now'' lol... helped getting over the '' im getting owned, you must be hacking'' ''problem''.. yupp made it feel slightly better, but even there I' m still getting called out... starting to think of streaming!
Korlic from the 3 ancients in diablo 2 ^ ^
Everyone reads it as MMA, Scambo, lol. But really it is...

MMAS - My passing friend's high school "clan" (just a group of friends) for counter strike. MAKE ME A SANDWICH

cambo - nickname in high school
Shawman is a nickname I have had for going on 14 years now.

Given to me by a very dear friend that I still get loaded with, guess it stuck with me.
Fictional character with autism from the movie Rain Man played by Dustin Hoffman.
I called myself this because I have autism myself. (another kind though)
This might explain?

Thank you Ronnie.
Victorious Wind

watched too much DragonBall Z, fell in love with anime shows, got the name as a spinoff the samurai's name in "The Last Samurai" movie, Katsumoto.
Came up with Katsugara, then switched to Katsukaze.
This name is simply a name I have identified myself with for many years. I use it for everything and it's about as natural to hear when someone says my real name. I can't imagine using any other one really.
This names is from Xenosaga series one of the names of the main characters is names chaos and the number 12 represents the 12 vessel of Anima which are also names of the E.S. Asher,
Reuben, Zebulun, Dinah, Simeon, Gad, Levi, Joseph, Issachar, Dan, Naphtali, and Judah
Mine is just a word I made up years ago. Had I known my character names would never be seen by other players, I would have used one of those instead. I save my creativity for my characters.
My battletag is the Key on the Keyboard.

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