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12/02/2012 06:44 PMPosted by PAndroid
My battletag is KingNothing. Its one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands. Metallica! \m/\m/

I used to turn the game sound off and listen to Metallica and Disturbed while I playe D2...ah, good times...
fumo fumo :3
for•ti•tude •n

strength of mind that enables a person to endure when faced with adversity.

^I feel sorry for you.

My name is generic because I don't really care.

Foreshadowing of trolls to come...

"Lol this isn't an FPS game" - Ask me how much a care. I can quantify it for you.
i was aka BlueKeyboard, and my GF has cherries tattoo on her !@#.

Been using Sparzy for like the last 10 years or more. I used to use Sparhawk from my fav character from the David Eddings books but it started becoming too popular.
My real name is Dominic, my friends started calling me The Domonator after I kicked a lot of butt in Tekken. Sad I know lol. Been using the tag for years.
i don't know...
My name is from where i live West Virginia, Dub for W and V for Virginia. DubVillian.
My nickname, due to how lazy I am.
Mine has history.

Over 10 years ago, well hell, 13 years ago... There was this FPS called UT (Unreal Tournament). I started playing this game, right when it hit the market. Wasn't a month, and I was running dedicated servers, hosting matches, both one on one arena games CTF, etc. Me and 2 others founded a clan called Dragon Talon Marauders. =DTM= grew to having at one point nearly 100 clan members. I played this game a LOT. It makes my time with D2 and D3 combined look small and useless. Anyhow, we grew to the point of having our very own dedicated T3 line, multi core server running anywhere from 4-10 games at the same time. Used to participate with online ladders, matches, host games for people, ran a website, created our own maps, you name it.

But somewhere in 2003 I was pretty burnt out on it after about 4 years, and had to give it up. Handed the clan control to another founder and left UT entirely, from the online side. I play it occasionally here local, but not very much anymore.

My in-game name was Ace. So for those on here, most of you can just call me that. But that is what my tag is from. Cheers.

Only reason to my name and battle-tag are self explained, but its also a Aztec god, that I'm not going to go into as no one really cares, but same as "DTMAce" been using this name since the beginning of UT, i figured the name was unique and chances are I'm the only one out there using it.
Liandri Mining Corporation,was the clan name i ran with self explanatory considering the story behind the game, my name also was a sorta play on words considering i was always the last person alive :b, now if only everything was as simple as taking a FLAC-CANNON and blowing someones face away from a few inches away, good times.

A true Black Metal classic. Been enjoying the song since highschool.
I have two Accounts this one is TheMasteR just because I am The Master at everything I do and people have called me this my whole life.

My other account is TheNephalem for obvious reasons I thought it would be neat.
Cydearrm is a derivative of my original nick from high school, CyanCyde.

Cyan is my fave character from one of my favorite games ever, and I thought "Cyde" looked and sounded cool with it. I wanted a change a couple years ago and made a WoW hunter named Cydearrm. It's stuck. I likes it. <- mine
EDTA is a chemical compound in detergents, surfactants, antidotes, and buffers. I first used this battle tag as a bowling name when us chem geeks all went out to celebrate passing finals. It stands for ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. Wikipedia if you want to know more. The killer part is because I "killed" the exams we took. Been using it ever since.
nickname "vin"

hard time getting a good sleep so.. VINsomniac


a friend noticed this: vin-so-mniac >:)

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