NO gold for sold item!

Technical Support

I been waiting for 59415000 (59,4mil) gold.
Item is sold but no gold still, after 3 hours of waiting.

Order id: 895874583

When does the gold arrive?

Is it a problem, bug?
Are the money gone or just delayed?

Kind regards / Patteras
Lol, now i got them.

Same time as i post this.. gold arrived.

So people, it can take up to 3-4 hours?

Over n out!
lucky you , becouse i have been waiting 42 hrs + for my gold.I crafted a radiant star emerald , sold within 5 mins and its been processing ever since.I will never craft and sell again,worst experience ever !
3 days now , still processing.... ?????
Anyone have a explanation for this ? Is this a bug ? Or working as intended ?
If working as intended then this system has major issues imo.

Order ID : 1185606971
why is this happening on gold auction sales. it used to just happen on rmah stuff. i've had this happen twice on hardcore gold AH recently. weird its only on some items. whats the deal?

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