Cannot report player for spam

Bug Report
This is a bug/spam report. At 9:30pm EST on the US servers a spammer named COFFEEBEAN spammed an advertisement for buying gold from WWW.DIABLO3WALMART.COM. When I right clicked on his name to report him my right click bound skill activated. I found that even moving the chat window I was unable to right click on the player name to report for spamming.

Edit: I am able to right click names above and below this player's spam but not directly on it.
I've never ever been able to report someone for spamming/constant gold advertising. I always receive error messages.
"There was an error submitting your report. (Error 45008)"

When I pressed "Report Spam" on a goldsell-bot.


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Note: Same when I got an invitation with a goldselling-website, same error when I tried to report.
I've had the same error (45008) when trying to report several gold selling sites for spam as well. Tried reporting using the other options (life threat, inappropriate, etc.) and all gave errors. All I can do is block communication. This just happened in one of the last couple of minor patches.

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