looking for a non WW, effective build

I've been playing WoW since MoP launch and quit playing d3 for the time being. I want to play here and there in d3 and want to improve so I can do higher things. Are there any realtively easy and effective builds, non ww/sprint ones? I did try it and I didn't find it fun to me, didn't feel like it was the hard hitting barb I played in d2 and early d3.

my dps is rather low and attack speed seems lacking a bit too. feel free to make gear advices along with a build. Don't have a very big budget :(

there a lot of combo builds to be effective....but effective in what?

Loot farm, ubbers, or parafarm?
hota/rend. ive only used it with dual wielding and it can do much higher MP safely than the same gear set can do with double nado. the sustain is just ridiculous.

Im going to try to make a 500k gear set for hota/rend focusing less on ias and more on cd, but I'm thinking ias might scale better than cd with dw since you can spam more HOTA and can still use sprint nados to keep wrath up between packs.
the 2h rend build always works well.

You've got thrown barb as well.
effective in doing higher acts for loot/gold/progress.

I'll look into hota/rend and see what I can find.
You should try out the weapon throw build. I currently run a wt/ww hybrid and love it but there are plenty of other viable WT builds that dont use ww. The only main requirements for a pure WT build are a 300th spear and a -5 fury WT belt, other than that its just stackin cc/cd/ias/all resist/str/vit per usual
HotA rend is amazing and allows me to clear MP8 efficiently and safely with a small budget barb (<100 mil). You can also try WotB with Seismic Slam Rumble for sustained WotB even with 2 handers. I've never been a fan of WW mainly because 1 handers are ridiculously overpriced
I see some great suggestions and I thank you for replying.

Im looking for stat/gearing guides and not finding much in that way.

Im looking more towards the hota/rend build now as I do not have the required gear for the throw weapon on yet.
Requires high Crit chance and crit damage helps. Get a cheap skorn. I can do any MP level with only 400 all resists in this build.
I will only play builds that incorporate sprint. Once you get used to running with 24MS and sprint, anything else is just too slow. Consider this when gearing and slotting skills.
I really like Bash (or cleave) and HotA for main and secondary attacks. Rend with bloodlust as your heal button. Leap is great for getting out of sticky situations, some prefer sprint. Make your battle rage rune the one that does 30% (more damage = more healing) and get a belt with % life steal. Oh, get rid of those purple gems, you have WAY to much health points. I generaly run 35K hp on MP 7. Stack Strength. IMO
Rend is second in command of good builds and can be just as effective as WW if you take the time learn to play it.
Slam ftw

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