having problems with WW barb

Having major issues keeping fury up and being able to keep up my WOTB for periods of time. Looking for some insight on how to correct this issue, gear suggestions are very welcomed.
Still a newbie at this game haven't been playing long so I apologize for my ignorance when I ask whats cc and LL? any gear suggestions?
First off, you don't need to keep wotb up for a long time to be effective. Think of it as a timed bonus, more so then building your whole setup around that one skill. The faster you kill monsters, the less time it will be active, your better off with Insanity on low mp and Thrive on Chaos on higher mp. Activate wotb insanity vs elite packs or times when you feel like your struggling to kill the tough mob.

Higher critical chance and 2.0 aps will help you keep more fury coming in, and keep wotb up longer.

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