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So what are your most memorable moments in gaming?

Here’s mine:

1 - The Butcher in D1! I will never forget hearing “fresh Meat” for the first time and finding my wiz had nowhere to run....

2 - Descent 2 – The first time I killed a RL friend in H2H combat!

3 - War 2 – The sheer pleasure of demolishing a friend’s base with a pack of 4 bloodlusted ogres!

4 – Ultima Online – The satisfaction of achieving “Glorious Lord” for the first time .....

5 – Quake – Multiplayer using Glide (3DFX) ... it was pure eye candy ...
heres mine

1 - Diablo 1, walking into the chapel for the first time and seeing 2 level 99 players beating the crap out of each other. Suddenly the rogue dies and items and gold fly everywhere, and warrior comes for me next. Holy smocks!

2 - WoW, when i first entered the Molten Core, the first instance within an instance. And holy hell my shadow bolt crit didnt even move the molten giant's health bar
1 and 2 - The Butcher: "Fresh meat" or realising I can leave money on the ground in town and it will always be there - not sure which is better

3 - Quake 1: being able to mouselook after ages of Doom 1

4 - Quake 3 Expansion: "Thank you sir may I have another!" Said by random bot when I nailed him point blank in the face with a rocket.

5 - Citizen Kabuto - As the giant, throwing my friends little technology freak friend into the distance and wiping out his base and friends before he landed and had a chance to respawn.
1. Fallout 3: getting out of the vault for the first time, then the first battle against enemys in the near highschool

2. ratchet & clank on ps 2: was just amazed about the fun & the grafics

3. civilization 3: always a highlight, couldn´t say what moment, still one of my favorite games

4. final fantasy 8: finally, after hours of gaming, getting all the guardian forces, just a moment of excitement

5. settlers 2: my first "real" computer game, i was so excited when you have the first functional economy, building your first houses and then meet the enemys. i really was afraid, back then, about the enemys somewhere on the island

(6. dino crisis on ps1: just sh** my pants)
1. Final Fantasy 2 (US Ver) My first ever RPG, and falling in love with the idea of it all.

2. Super Mario 3, nuff said.

3. Warcraft 2, BNET edition. My first online RTS game vs other people... And the amazingness that was the Ironman ladder.

4. Counterstrike. The simplicity of cops vs robbers made into an excellently balanced FPS that was fast paced yet not all twitchy like Quake.

5. WoW release. The first MMO I had ever tried. it was amazing back then, and fresh. I tried EQ / SWOTR / Ultima Online... none of them even made me smile after experiencing WoW :\
UO is the best MMORPG ever, Blows WOW out of the water. up untill Tram anyways
1. Hearing "Not even death can save you from me" in Diablo 2.

2. Several CS 1.6 moments - getting 8 kills in a round in a pub game on inferno, ninja defusing at B in dust 2, etc.

3. Age of Empires 2 - Playing coop with friends
1) Descent 1 level 7 boss.
2) Descent 2 mutliplayer.
3) Diablo 1 Butcher.
4) Quake 2 in 3dfx glide for the first time.
5) Descent 3, seeing my online name in the credits.
1) Getting Sulfuras, Hand of ragnaros in Vanilla WoW
2) PLaying Carmageddon 2 on LAN
3) Playing SF4 online for the first time
4) Quake 2 in 3dfx glide for the first time. (me too bro, me too)
5) Various moments in LoL
1) First time I got 'Mm-m-m-m-m-monster kill' and 'Godlike' in Unreal Tournament

2) First time beating emerald + ruby WEAPON in FF7 (ive done it again recently, but i was like 12 when game came out and was pumped)

3) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, picking up the Master Sword first time.

4) Seeing the Descent references above, i thought Descent freespace was awesome. Epic space battles with giant battleships and lazers flying everywhere. They need to redo that game

5) FFX, completing Tidus sphere grid and beating Nemesis

6) I unfortunately will always remember my first D3 legendary (Aquila Curiass, May 18th 2012)
In no particular order...
- Resident Evil 4: Opening village survival sequence
- KOTOR: The big reveal
- Dragon Age Origins: The Landsmeet
- Mass Effect 3: Tuchanka Priority quest.
- Final Fantasy 6: Opera House
Ducking on my chair in Doom and Quake.
Level 97 Dying on HC in LOD
Monty11, if you have FS2 you can download the FS Open port that updates the game.
Funny nobody is mentioning "Finish Undressing the Girl on the adult anime game"
11/20/2012 09:50 AMPosted by CDNMerlin
Monty11, if you have FS2 you can download the FS Open port that updates the game.

Ill have to look into that. I think I still have the CD laying around in my collection somewhere
5: Sonic on master system : holy cow he is going faster than the screen !
4: Wipeout 2097 (XL for you americans) : it's impossible to make a racing game cooler and faster.
3: NWN (1&2) : the mod creator tool is THIS BIG ? Best RPG game ever ! (that was my reaction, and it actually still sounds right to me. Even if Bethesda games are pretty close. But I still favor the "true D&D rules" of NWN)
2: WoW rping : eating ice cream in Arathi.
1: Tetris, launching the rocket for the first time.

5 is not enough. I have plenty other ones.

Monty, that's the link.

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