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5. Exploring the ancient castle in FF VI with the serpent trench theme playing. It gave an element of escapism inside a game that already had a great element of adventure and escape.

4. Carrying my friend through Diablo on Diablo 3 inferno difficulty. We died for like 5 hours straight on the "shadow" realm part back when inferno was tough. Well finally around 1am after our nephalem valor had run out probably a 100 tries ago, we finally got my friend his accomplishment.

3. Counterstrike - Going 50ish and 1, getting banned from the server for "cheating" even though me and my friends know I never cheat and laughing about it with them afterwards.

2. Rewrite - Double clicking the game for the first time and watching the Key logo flash with the magic lights floating in the air with the soft mysterious piano music playing gave me a mystical feeling that just left me in awe. The anticipation of the storyline and the characters, sometimes you can tell in just a title screen that the game is destined to be a masterpiece.

1. Finding loot worth a value of 12,000 USD on Entropia Universe. Nothing beats the rush of getting your bills paid for pretty much free for one year in a flash of a second :P.
1. Age of empires 2, winning a high school tournament
2. killzone 2, winning a national tournament. (great memories)
3. playing super smash bros and mario kart for 64 with high school friends
4. Metal gear solid 4, complete experience.
5. my first nuke in civilization 5. what an amazing complete game that is.
1. Command & Conquer: Completing GDI and NOD Campaign (1995).
2. World Cup '98: Did a curve top left net goal in.
3. Final Fantasy 8: Getting Game Over Screen with my first encounter with T-Rex in Disc 1
4. Puzzle Fighter: Having my name at the first 5 Top Score in the Arcade Machine.
5. CounterStrike: School Tournament - Clear team with 5 headshots in the Finals.

  • System Shock 2, hiding in the chem closet playing my GamePig for an hour
  • Doom II and experiencing a true 3d world for the first time, I remember seeing a Skybox for the first time and going NUTS (also, again in HL when you emerge on the side of the cliff and the valve logo theme kicked in OMG

  • Super Mario Bros learning the Koopa Troopa extra lives thing where you had to bounce on him on the steps in one of the worlds

  • Modern Warfare getting Star 69

  • "Would you kindly?"
In no particular order:

- Tie Fighter. The whole damn game. You rebel scum...
- Wheel of Time. Such an overlooked FPS, made amazing use of the Unreal engine and had some ridiculous combos you could pull off in attack and defense.
- Descent Freespace.
- Myst. Ok - so it's kindof stupid now, but I remember my mom and I sitting down and installing that game when we got our shiny new 486 w/ 8MB RAM and a CD Drive... and then looking up at the clock 6 hours later and going "wtf time vanish".
- Neverwinter Nights: that game had me hook, line and sinker. Also has a special place in my heart because it was one of the games that I used to introduce my wife to gaming.
1. Diablo 2 --> CTA 664 selfcrafted
2. Warcraft 3 TFT --> Watching GRUBBY playing with open mouth :)
3. Quake 3 Arena --> IMPRESSIVE, EXCELENT, IMPRESSIVE , u have taken the lead!
4. Starcraft 2 --> noticing that every level is different
5. Oblivion --> watching arround from a high mountain

6. Diablo 3 --> Manticore with 2 soxx
7. Flatout 2 --> flying out off the window
8. C&C 1 --> "Sniper" missions
9. League of Legends --> Pentakills
10. Worms, DD2, Mario Kart, Tony Hawk, Skyrim, and many many more
1. Diablo 2 --> CTA 664 selfcrafted
2. Warcraft 3 TFT --> Watching GRUBBY playing with open mouth :)
3. Quake 3 Arena --> IMPRESSIVE, EXCELENT, IMPRESSIVE , u have taken the lead!
4. Starcraft 2 --> noticing that every level is different
5. Oblivion --> watching arround from a high mountain

6. Diablo 3 --> Manticore with 2 soxx
7. Flatout 2 --> flying out off the window
8. C&C 1 --> "Sniper" missions
9. League of Legends --> Pentakills
10. Worms, DD2, Mario Kart, Tony Hawk, Skyrim, and many many more

We only get 5. That's the RULE. I demand you remove 5 from your list ...

j/k :)

I agree it's so hard to choose because there are SO many! I love that you put Worms because I played Worms and Worms 2 SO much! I was a Ninja on that rope; I could "walk" towards you if I had a ceiling, I could bounce up a cliff and land FAR inland, set off some dynamite and bug-out back toward the cliff in one turn LOL, it used to pissed ppl off SO much online.

Though, I was never much of a Q:A fan, I was much more of an Unreal Tournament guy.
1. Watching War break the seal at the end of Darksiders 1. I got goosebumps!!!

2. Archimonde destroying Dalaran in Warcraft 3

3. Flying in WoW for the first time

4. Headshots in Q3A or UT. I honestly can't think of a more satisfying (gaming) moment

5. Getting 300+ consecutive kills in Dead or Alive 3 Survival Mode
Wow how to pick. So many games.

* Goldeneye 007 - After beating everything on 00 Agent mode, going back into my favorite level (facility) and using 007 mode. This mode allowed you to edit enemy life, damage, and accuracy. Turned life to lowest, damage and accuracy to the highest. 1 shot 1 kill on me or enemies. Was quite amusing.

* Metal Gear Solid - Another amazing game. Every boss fight in that game, no in that series, is just amazing. I am always impressed with those battles. However Psycho Mantis is something I will never forget. What a pain that was till I learned the controller trick.

*Super Mario 64 - Love Mario. But those Bowzer battles in 64 were so fun. The final one with the pieces falling off and the shock waves, gotta love it. Got all 100 and some odd stars there!

* Zelda: Majora's Mask - While I think Ocarina of Time was better, the damn Fish in Majora's Mask is unforgettable. I think I am afraid of water (in video games) just because of this damn fish boss.

* World of Warcraft - This game holds so many memories. Though the first can never be replaced. Logging into the beta and creating a Tauren hunter. Walking around killing things, when suddenly the ground starts to shake. I turn and see a small army of Kodos heading in my direction. I ran, not realizing these were not hostile monsters. I have now faught Dragons, Lich's, Elemental Lords, and even Sha. However I will always respect the Kodo.

*Final Fantasy 7 - While I did not play at the time, I watched my brother go through so much here. It was like a movie, I just sat there and watched him take down these fantastical beings and progressing this amazing story. From the first Waltz to the final show down, this was just gripping. Watching this game pushed me into the Diablo, Warcraft and Final Fantasy games I play now.

Uh...I think that's 6. Whatever. I didn't even get to my Diablo 1 (finally beat it Pre-D3 launch) stories or F.E.A.R (that damn kid!!) and so much more.
5. Dark Souls, when I first enter Anor Londo. Boy that was epic!

4. The first Silent Hill, when you first acquired the radio and had to use it to detect demons in the midst of fog......literally scared me @*$+less!!! And yes I was playing at night......

3. FF VI, opera scene. Just game breaking epic at that time. I can still remember the song :D

2. WoW, when I first bought my flying mount. FREEEEEEDDOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

1. BATTLEFIELD 1942, LAN game-Bocage, I was on Allies side, piloting my Sherman near the bridge to fend off enemy infantry. When a wave of 4 or so people charged in I fired my cannon towards the bridge and blew everything mid air. Then one of the guys in mid air (I think it's a computer AI) open his parachute, elegantly landed onto the river. Phew not a scratch!!!!!!
Everyone at the cyber cafe just can't stop laughing :DDDDDD
1. When me and my guild "Pravum" won the Gamescom 2010 live-speedrun in Runes of Magic and were announced to be officially the best guild of all servers.

2. The ending of Half Life 1

3. The day i finished "Kid Chameleon" on the Sega Genesis after hundreds of hours.

4. Unlocking Shin Akuma in Street Fighter Alpha 3

5. When i collected all 251 Pokemon in the..ehm..Crystal Edition was it if i remember correctly^^
this thread makes me smile, seeing so many games that ive forgotten that i used to love and reading them on this thread brings back some awesome gaming memories
*1: Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat - Killed a Blackhawk on El alamein on "allied" side, with a SCUD-launcher, fired from Axis base.

*2: Battlefield 3 - Can't remeber the mapname, however it has a tunnel and a Little-bird on each side. I controlled the M4A1 tank on allied side, and had some people repairing me constantly during the entire battle, keeping enemies and it's tank at bay. Ended up with a 126-0 score. Was awesome!

*3: Command & Conquer Generals, Zero Hour - Lazer general, winning every time due .. Not mainly to the generals ability, but by having a humbvee filled with a sniper af 4 rocket infantry... Pew Pew Pew Pew!

*4: World of Warcraft - Oh so many awesome moments. First time killing Garr in Molten Core, during early Burning Crusade, with my Blockbot paladin. Two shield and lot's of time = win. Later it specialized in playing the expansions as singleplayer (mainly), by killing old raidbosses as Blockbot.

*5: World of Warcraft - Killing Varian Wrynn(weak SW king), Gnome-King(Medicore IF king) and Prophet Valen(Hard Exodar leader, standing next to batttlemasters) with my Blockbot in Wotlk. Valen too many tries as He couldn't be pulled out of reach of guards/npc's, like the others (Goibon Uden lo)!!!
Not in particular order:

* Omaha Beach in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - man, that was something :P All the FPS games before were just run-with-gun-and-shoot-big-monsters...

* Half Life 2 - Ravenholm made the biggest impression on me.

* Deus Ex - I don't want to spoiler this if someone hasn't played it yet but things are not as they seem at the beggining...

* Gothic 1 & 2 - many memorable moments there, great RPG games - for example going to colony in G2 in chapter 2 while you still are low-level - lesson of humility :P.

* Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas and doing various daredevil stunts, for example flying upside-down under the bridges with Hydra, jumping from the Chilliad (?) Mountain with quad and opening parachute in the air. Jumping on driving cars and stomping on them - people either stopped, got out and tried to kick my !@# or started to drive like crazy to shake me off. No such fun in GTA IV: The Boredom Stories

*Crysis - dammit, first game I played after I updated from my old GF2 MX, it was like watching top AAA hollywood sci-fi movie, very cool.

*Killing Diablo in Inferno while undergeared with 3 random people and tactical approach :P

*this one is old - Rayman 2 and running on falling ledges and water level constantly raising while being shot by pirates, I still remember the song them that played on that level :P
#5 Beating Contra for the first time w/o dying
#4 Playing Portal for the first time....and not putting it down until it was over
#3 Beating Super Mario Bros. 3 for the first time
#2 Playing Goldeneye & Perfect Dark 4 player split screens - we used to stay up all night alternating between much fun

IMHO this cannot be rivaled...
#1 FF VII - the video of Sephiroth walking through the fire. That image will be burned in skull for a long time (no pun intended)
5. Halo 2. Won a local tournament in pretty boss fashion. The tournament was set up pretty badly, and the players didn't have a chance to set up profiles for the matches. This was kind of a big handicap for me, because I play with inverted y-axis, and I'd never played on system link before, and didn't realize the menu was a little different, so I didn't immediately see how to change the controls. Anyway, I suffered through and made it to the final round. In the last two minutes of the match I gave the menu thing another try, and found out where I could change my look inversion. I lost the match by two points, but I took second. Then I was informed there would be a grand finals match with the top 2 scorers going 1v1. With my controls now set up properly, I completely dominated. Won the first game no contest, then took the second one just as easily. It was pretty awesome to come out the winner after the disappointment of thinking I didn't have another chance. ^_^

4. Final Fantasy 9. In Pandemonium when Garland gets into Zidane's head, and it starts to play that really sad music and Zidane basically gives up on life. The whole party comes to save him, and it's sort of like karma. Throughout the entire game it's been Zidane that's helped all of them with their problems, and everything he taught them they kind of bring back to him. It was because of their friendship with him that they were able to help him. So ultimately, it was his selfless good deeds that saved him. One of the most beautiful scenes in any game imo.

3. Assassin's Creed 2. When Ezio discovers the Precursors, and Minerva talks directly to Desmond. I literally got chills when I understood what was happening in that scene. One of the best plot twists I've seen in anything ever.

2. Devil May Cry 4. I had done nearly everything in this game. I had a ton of high scores in the top 200, and even a few in the top 10. I had every achievement in the game except for one, beat the Bloody Palace with an S rank. I told myself I would never do this. For those that don't know, the Bloody Palace is a series of 101 endurance battles. If you maintain a really really good kill speed, it takes about 2 hours to complete. There are no second chances and no items. If you die your run is over and you have to start over from floor 1. In all of my attempts, I'd never made it past floor 25 under the conditions necessary for getting an S rank. One night, I woke up at 3 in the morning. Half awake, I turned on my xbox and just started up DMC 4. Without thinking, I loaded up the Bloody Palace and just started killing. It was about an hour and a half later that I realized I was over halfway through, and then I started to freak about a bit. When I finally killed Darkness Dante with under half HP I was sweating big time and could barely control myself. Probably the most intense moment in my 15 years of gaming. And I played so flawlessly, I don't even think I took a hit for the first 70 floors.

1. God of War 3. The ending. Most epic thing ever. I have never before felt so strongly about the ending of a game, and just felt that it was so fitting. It was that sort of bittersweet thing that God of War does so well. Kratos is definitely not a traditional hero. On one level, you sympathize with him, because you see all the pain he's gone through. But at the same time you know that he deserves whatever he gets because he's caused more than his fair share of pain and suffering. The ending he got was triumphant, yet sad and fitting as well. It redeems Kratos as a person but doesn't gloss over his past sins.
1-Finiding Mew. Yes, Mew, not Mewtwo.
2-Capturing an Abra before it teleports away!
3-Beating the full game of Paganitzu and Good bye galaxy.
4- Killing 3. yes three, ppl with one sniper shoot in counter strike. And it was not luck, I actualy calculated and waited a second so they were all in a line.
5- Killing the Abbadon in helbreath with an epic massive team!
When those little red lights flashed at the bottom of your screen in the original XCom.
Random encounters in Darklands.
Diablo 1, you truly felt despair in that game, I loved it.
Finding a Bozar or a M72 Gauss rifle in Fallout 2.
My first steps in WoW. (2005)

There are so many more :)
5. Five WarCraft III games come to mind. First was a 4v4 that turned into a farm hiding game.

- My team was mostly gone, and I mainly had a level 7 Blademaster who ran around the map and we barely won.

- Rolling human in TfT (my worst race) and seeing that I was against two undead players and an orc. I guessed that one of them was going air and did the completely insane Steam Tank (for rockets), Rifles, and Mortars. I demolished this guys Obsidian Destroyer army and won the game almost outright.

- Running int wyvernn (I believe that was his name), one of the highest ranked RT players in WCIII, I don't even remember whether my team beat him or not, but it was pretty incredible.

- I rolled Undead in 3v3 with two of my online buddies. They didn't do too terribly great. Both of them lost their bases, and one of them had lost their army. I ended up getting to Frost Wyrms and recording 27 hero kills in one game.

- I think with the same group of people, I rolled Orc and my base was attacked before one of my allies had teched Frosties. I gave up my base, TPing over to his, my other ally pulled out of his base as well. My friends couldn't believe that this was a good idea, but they listened because I had played more than they had. I had two wands of illusion which I cast on the one Frost Wyrm that my Undead ally had. Two of the opponents quit outright when they saw the army and we came back to win. It was something great about that game, tactically surrendering your base so you would win. Great stuff!

4. Getting my Thunderfury (The epitome of my WoW experience) - I was really lucky on my bindings drop, and we killed Ragnaros. However, my guild sort of sucked and we couldn't get past Vaelestraz so we bought/traded for the Elementium from another guild. I stayed with that guild until it disbanded/was destroyed by my older brother who G kicked all of the people in it. I used that weapon until Prince Malchezaar.

3. StarCraft 1 - Two things, one was the first time I ever won a ladder match. I was so nervous going into it, thinking that this was the big kids league. Also, learning the ropes of WWII - D.I.E., if you all remember that custom game.

2. Descent 1 multiplayer with my brothers and friends. The first multiplayer game I ever played on different computers. We would call the house to do the dial up connection and get disconnected when someone called us, or if we did it wrong, they would get a busy signal and my parents would get mad. My brother and I did Co-Op over P2P while blaring Megadeath and Powerman 5000 on every Saturday morning for a few months. My eldest also snuck it onto my school computers, so while my brother was doing his Eagle Scout project, which was a computer library catalogue, we would take breaks and do 8-player multiplayer.

1. The endless hours on World of WarCraft. I didn't have a summer job, my parents were happy that I would be in the house. I logged a good 250 days of that game. I retired multiple times, including when I would go back to college. I would come back in the summer, or when I didn't have evening opera rehearsals. I do not own MoP because I have graduate school applications and I didn't have enough time to justify the monthly fee. I do love the game, though, and I love that I could play it for twelve hours or more a day for months on end and not get bored of it. Killing a boss for the first time, being in a guild that raided like it was your job. It was just an incredible camaraderie. Met these people in real life in Syracuse and Rochester and Baltimore, and just yesterday I ran Infernal Machine with an Australian who I had been playing WoW with for years. It really was a place for me to go when...I can't believe I'm getting emotional over this, yeah. WoW meant a lot to me over the last seven years. I will probably get MoP over Christmas break when I can appreciate it.

Honorable Mention - I am 24 years old, go to parties and do stuff like that. Over the summer, a group of friends, all of us college grads, my best friend from grade through high school included, all meet up in his basement and play StarCraft II. It used to be StarCraft 1, it still includes SSB Melee. Just a great way to reconnect (and for cheap). His mom even still gets us snacks for our gaming.
1) The countless hours I spent mastering 4cut and slash all materia so I could beat the Emerald and Ruby weapons without Knight of the Round. After weeks of preparation I finally finished them!

2) My first Ubers kill with my smite paladin!

3) The first time I played Alternate Reality on atari and got a crystal weapon.

4) Getting and playing Megaman 5 on gameboy. The boss names were the planets!

5) The first time I bought a weapon from someone in the Bizarre on EQ!

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