WoW killer... where are you? :(

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In the light of the recent days of getting a free battle chest... I started playing World of Warcraft. But, it was not a nice place for new players. PvP is way unbalanced for newbies, and there are hardly any new players in the starting areas to play with or at least talk to!

It's almost as if I've been punished for being born too late, since I was 10 years old the time World of Warcraft was released. (couldn't pay for subscription when I was 10, nor did I have my own computer to freely play)

I love MMOs and I have been playing them for years!(I only played free ones from back then) I want to join the community with this great game... but it's far too deep to continue. I feel like I'm literally the only one in the realm who is starting new.

Hopefully this project "Titan" will spark a new generation of MMO players and break all the walls that prevent people from having fun!

I don't play WoW anymore, I quit back in January after having played it since early Vanilla.

Low level PvP was just never balanced. There was always those one or two classes in a particular bracket that just dominated. Some classes get powerful abilities much earlier than other classes get ways to counter said abilities. The imbalance towards new players comes from not having the BoA gear, access to similar gear/enchants, or knowledge of where to find similar gear/enchants. There are ways to research gear and whatnot, but new players don't necessarily know where to go and google can't be relied upon to not send you to an untrustworthy site.

The lack of new players in starting areas comes from it being such an old game. Veterans plow through the early crap because they've done it a million times and it's boring. You can still find pleasant, helpful people but you gotta search them out. Even then you'll run into douches that are impatient with anyone that doesn't know everything about the game. Oh, and turn off trade chat in the cities.

It's hard for me to recommend sticking with it because I don't like the game anymore, but it's certainly possible for you to find your place. You're just going to have to deal with the bumps and scrap es (stupid language filter...) in learning the game.
Maybe the new Blizz MMO "Titan" will be the WoW killer. I think the Elder Scrolls Online will be awesome but it will probably end up a "niche" mmo. I am waiting for ESO and I would like to try GW:2 but I don't want to drop 50 bucks to play awhile then move on to xESO.

I loved the idea behind the Warhammer mmo, but it didn't pick up and while it was a good game they took too long to make it work right and the PvE was disappointing. That really stinks as Warcraft and Starcraft are just video game adaptations of Warhammer and Warhammer 40K. I wouold LOVE to see another fantasy based RTS from Blizz based on Warhammer, not 40K!
I like to think most players from US, EU and AUS don't just jump ship from one mmo to another. We spread out and play different things. Theres a lot of good games out there if you're willing to look.

Dunno about you guys but I personally don't like mmo's. Or at least, burned out on them. The time vs reward is just horrible but the community pve can be a lot of fun and frankly, the only reason I see gamers playing mmo's.

Didn't someone once say "even Blizzard can't kill WoW" ?
Yeah the world ends not in a bang but a whimper. Time will kill it.

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