1.06 - Framerate troubles Persist.

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My framerate never goes a full minute without dipping, it can even dip when there is not much at all happening, but the most common occurrence is for elites/white mobs. Can also happen with lots of zombie bears stampeding about :P
After X amount of time gameplay will generally deteriorate as well, at that point I just give the comp a restart and clear the cache.

Thanks. I'll keep sending the feedback up.

I have a fully loaded BRAND NEW MacBook pro 15" w/ Retina and everything worked fine until last night and now all of the sudden the FPS LAG the second I get to the log in screen.

I was running at RETINA 2880x1800 res @ approx 30fps with dips to 20fps at most and now I can't even log in with 10FPS!?!?!

What the hell is going on here, I have not made a single change to this computer and I am a brand new player to this game so I have no clue of the history of these patches mentioned.... I just bought this $4000 laptop to play this game (not solely but a big reason to up the GPU) and now feel like I am up s**t creek without a paddle!!!!

I'm now using a fanspeed utility to help deal with the fps lag, I have already reset the SMC multiple times over the past week, cleared PRAM and NVRAM, and ran the blizzard repair tool...and yet I can only report one legitimately smooth gaming session, when all of the "fixes" worked in sync maybe it solved the problem. It deteriorates over time, maybe between sessions, and between computer/system restarts. I'm betting many other Mac users have experienced this pattern of success/failure after attempted fixes.

The game definitely ran much smoother and with consistency in previous patches :(

this FPS trouble is seriously slowing me down and cramping my style bro, I really like playing your game, you gotta help meh please!

I hope you have reached out to apple by now for at least a quick chat

late 2010 15" Macbook Pro

Nvidia GT 330M
bump, spare us this agony I beg you
bump, read the above comments please blizz
During holiday break support staff is going to be limited. As long as topic is on first page don't worry abot bumping it. They will see it when they return.

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