Speedy mp 1-2 farming build

Witch Doctor
This is the build that i use to farm mp 1-2 for exp/mf etc. Just thought i would share what i use and why i use it in case anyone likes how its done.

Zombie Charger - Zombie Bears
Sacrifice - Pride (mana regen rune)
Spirit Barrage - Manitou (1667% dmg over 20S)
Haunt - Stalker (increased run speed)
Spirit Walk - Jaunt (increased spirit walk time)
Soul Harvest - Vengeful Spirit

Passive Skills

Gruesome Feast (killing so fast its also easy to keep up)
Circle of Life (chance to spawn dog on kill)
Grave Injustice

I really like this build because it allows you to maintain your mana pool, and stay quick as your moving through mobs. Essentially Bears is your only attack. I pop manitou so i can have the added dps, but it also targets doors/crates/obstacles, and can sometimes clear them for me before i get to them, increasing the speed of my run. You can cycle between haunt and spirit walk pretty easily for added run speed, and its pretty easy to keep one of them up regularly with the lowered CD from kills. With the rate at which you kill mobs you will almost always have your 3 dogs from circle of life passive, and they can be sacrificed for either life or mana or 15% added dps for 30 sec. They provide a nice shield when you dont need the sacrifice, or a burst of dps when needed. For those who have trouble with reflect dmg, you can opt for the life sacrifice, which heals well, and if you have issues with mana.....choose the mana rune, and just sacrifice more often.

For those with lower dps, having haunt will work as an extra out incase you get cornered. I simply use it for speed.

On a side note, a lot of ppl overlook manitou but i find that as a spell i dont need to cast but once every 20s, the extra dps, esp on single target is quite nice. mine crits for 50-100k and the cast rate for it is fairly quick.

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