100% CPU since 1.0.6

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Since 1.0.6 I've been having horrible game play especially in crowds. I thought it was video-card related but in some fights I can hit 100+ FPS and in some I drop to 2 or 3 (yeah...). Even dropping down to the 1360 resolution from 1920 changes nothing. However, I've been logging the CPU loading on my computer and noticed that when I'm going into fights the CPU is pegging to 100%. I don't recall ever logging the CPU load previously but it seems improbable that I'm now experiencing low frame rates in-game not tied to resolution of quality settings that it's not the CPU. Anyone else have this problem and/or any thoughts on how to address it?

Intel 2620M (dual core, hyperthreaded) 2.7 GHz processor. Not the latest and greatest but more than enough to run the game until this week.

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