What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?

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1. Monster density- make it a set % you can change like mp
2. Crafting put the 3rd trade skill npc back in the game. Maybe make it so she can add a Stat or socket to an item that doesn't have maximum number of stats and ability to alter one junk Stat to a decent stat.
3. Charms I want that 13 slot item that was originally there being able to equip 13 charms could be game altering if they were more interesting than say +5 exp
some use for white items, "charsy quest" alike. some jewel to punt in sockets
11/30/2012 03:47 AMPosted by MagusHenosis
Skill points post lv60

I hear this a lot from D2 players, and it does sound pretty cool.

Yep, thats the way to go... and stats
please bring back charms
I would like to see a huge buff in all abilities so it feels like the game is actually fun. What I mean is that abilities would be just way overpowered and could easily kill monsters.
1. Dies for legendary gear.
2. Character gear locks.
3. Chat channel lock, so I don't have to type "Party" every time I post something.
4. More inferno machine quests for amulets.

Buff the Wiz, tired struggling through 6+MP.
1. Game creation for trading, etc
2. Add Jewels for socketed items with different effects
3. Ability to play all acts in one created game and without losing NV stacks
11/30/2012 03:43 AMPosted by kamikazekuso
Skill points post lv60

Some sort of permanence to this as well. Give me an incentive to make another lvl 60 barb. Maybe make paragon easier the 2nd time around for him though.
Gosh I dunno where to even begin

how about the second half of the game? ( a game without pvp?) its seriously a joke
and waiting months ? ( probably years) is even more of a joke, why release a game that wasnt completed, do you put on pants that only have 1 pant leg? No, you don't becuz it would be stupid, so why release an incomplete game?

Some things i would not like to see? More bull!@#$ distractions from the fact pvp isnt done and the game is highly incomplete ( first paragon lvls and then mp? ) considering people hit max level in 3 days of release and people hit paragon 100 in like 2 weeks of its release, and we are all already ubering on mp10 without ANY issues, these little idea's are just a waste of time and have no real place in the game.

/rant over, BRING PVP

afk to play a real game ( like 90% of the actual d3 community that has likewise quit this incomplete game)
100 floor tower filled with elites and normal mobs with a reward after finishing a super boss on the 100th floor.
1) Being able to move freely through all the acts in one game like Diablo 2.
2) Way points that mean something like Diablo 2
3) PvP like Diablo2
4) Cool items like Diablo 2 (what no crushing blow really?)
5) The option to turn off the lame cut-scenes so I don't have to keep stopping them. Take the Diablo encounter for example you have to stop cut scene like 4 times during the encounter, horrible. TERRRAAROOOAAARR !@#$ DIABLO YOU %^-*!!
6) Runewords/charms the game is boring and bland without them itemization has given us a whole pile of suck. Why would they leave these out?
7) More than one act to grind. Act 3 is the only act to grind. Act 4 the worst thing created in gaming history. Horrible.
I would like to see different random mods on items. I want back crushing blow, and all the other procs they used to have, oh yeah and with high enough proc rate that it actually matters. I would like to be able to build a character based on a particular gear set rather than everyone having the same 3 stats on the same legendaries but on different toons...its kinda lame. Right now we all wear mempo's, ice climbers, taskers, vile ward, lacuni's, and witching hour...it really sucks that there is no variety. Just put on ur stat/toon specific lvl 63 legendary and your geared. I didnt actually realize this was a problem when i was running my wizard on MP3 with a wzard spike and a tal's and then realized if i upped to a chantado's wand and off-hand my dps shot up another 21K dps so i could farm MP5 now. But now I look like every other CM wizard in the forums. There is nothing that makes our toon unique anymore.
I'd like to see this game become hard again. Please make inferno mode !@#$ing impossible like it's supposed to be. I'd also like to see a worthwhile gold sink implemented before we are all trading with amulets or something along those lines. Gold is worthless. Thanks.
I think i might have one of the best ideas ever! Bite the bullett and add your runes that drop. Add some extra armor pieces with 3 or 4 more sockets. Lets em drop! Make some outstanding runewords that are same stat all the time, but 1 specific stat like most runewords were in d2. example : Have specific teleport spell on a certain item. If a WD wants to teleport he can by now farming the runes and armors that are socketable. give us a cube to transmute and bingo!..Best Part is to make the runes account bound and untradeable.... this makes ppl farm again! or making them tradable only for items and not for gold. this way ppl will hoard the good stuff they find instead of putting in ah but to save it up for trading purposes...to get said runeword items...... just me or does this sound pretty good wilth a lil tweakin?
All damage should be doubled and monster hp halved. Game is too grindy and not threatening.

And besides shield need some loving. No one uses a shield anymore cuz game is a joke.
1. Monster density- make it a set % you can change like mp
2. Crafting put the 3rd trade skill npc back in the game. Maybe make it so she can add a Stat or socket to an item that doesn't have maximum number of stats and ability to alter one junk Stat to a decent stat.
3. Charms I want that 13 slot item that was originally there being able to equip 13 charms could be game altering if they were more interesting than say +5 exp

I really agree with this. Monster density would be great to change it with monster power or something like this i love destroying tons of monsters at once and fight hordes of monsters at once. With crafting bring it back like beta or before release were you can add sockets and add more gems or different stats like World of warcraft and even the Mystic to enchant curtain stats and add more stats so dps is not crit, crit damage, and attack speed. Or even the Mystic to change a stat for another one like the reforger in World of warcraft. Last would be cool is crafting paragon leveling to add some cool added features for crafting and something to work towards.

If they dont add the socketing because they think it would be to over powering of equipment make it take up a skill on equipment so you have to think do i want that skill or would i rather have a socket. also another idea about the gems make them have different stats or more gems so when you get the socket you have to look at what gems you want or add another stat to the gem so another way to make you think about what you want on your equipment. Itemization would be better if we had a lot more choices to deal work with other then hear is an item take it or leave it. Even if the choice takes away from another stat to make it more of a thinker with greater equipment
my # 1 feature feature in D3?

To Blizzard to listen to us.

Maybe an amulet to +1 to hearing the costumers.
Mounts! just kidding.. More bosses, with different unique abilities.
I'm going to have to list a lot more than 1 thing. I like Diablo 3, but there are a lot of things I'd love to see.

1: Resource potions. There are multiple ways this could be carried out. The most convenient way would be to make a potion similar to rejuvination potions, like a Small Stamina Potion, that restores 30% of your resource, then Stamina Potion, which restores 50% resource, and a Large Stamina Potion, restoring 70% resource.

2: A melee assassin-style character. Sure, the monk is a melee dexterity class and he's pretty cool, but he still gets pretty tanky, and is more of a Diablo III interpretation of a paladin. I mean something like the demon hunter, only with a preference for weapons like daggers and fist weapons. With the witch doctor preferring daggers and yet being a spellcaster, the monk preferring fist weapons and yet being a warrior, and the demon hunter being limited to ranged weapons, there isn't really a dagger-assassin style of character. Those are fun to use, as they are very risky, being so close to enemies to attack and yet being vulnerable.

3: More control over followers' builds. I like them so far, but I'd like to see even more control over them. Maybe having a third choice for each skill level, and having a new ability for them requiring level 60.

Suggestions of changes which aren't really new content:

1: Increasing frequency of set items. At the moment, set items are ridiculously rare. Most people never even see one item, let alone all of the items in a set. There should at least be some weaker sets throughout the earlier parts of the game that players might have a chance of completing, even if they have to grind the same act for 30 hours, but at the moment a player could never dream of completing an entire set with drops without buying anything from the auction house, even if he spent his life on the game.

2: Decreasing frequency of rare drops. Yellow items are far too frequent; they're not really even rare. In an hour of playing, I generally have around 30 rares. That number should be somewhere between 1 and 5 for me to even think about considering them rare.

3: Balancing of abilities. Especially on the demon hunter. As a demon hunter, your pet deals 37% damage, which is absolutely useless. Meanwhile, you can stack up 615% damage per second with three sentry turrets which annihilate everything. Pets need their damage increased from 37% to something like 60% (120% for wolf). Turrets need their damage decreased from 175% to something like 90%. The inferno rocket damage on the turrets should say the same, at 30%, in order for them to actually be worth adding.

4: Functioning of the wizard's Ray of Frost ability (and the other runes). It seems like it only damages the target if you're specifically targeting right into the middle of that target. I would prefer if it functioned like rapid fire, where you can swing back and forth and mow down anything it touches. Instead, it seems to go right through a target's side and not damage it unless you hit it right in the chest. This makes the spell behave more like your typical projectile, rather than a constant beam which you would expect to be able to move around and damage anything it touches.
A team based horde mode ... endless waves of progressively difficult mobs in an arena. Later waves have enormous difficulty but outstanding rewards. Team strategy and precision is key. Say every 10 levels, players get a choice between 3 items for a prize ... but then show them the prizes for completing the next 10 levels. They can either choose to take the current loot or pass on it and risk it getting to the next prize. I think it would be fun and give players an alternative way of aquiring good loot and leveling paragon.

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