What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?

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Id like to see wizard um when they cast that 3 headed dragon .Id like them to agro the monsters,would love to be able to add socket or make recipes like we use to in order to make special armors and weapons.
A ridiculously good but insanely hard to get PURPLE item!!!!
I want to see pvp.
I also remember in d2 that you could have 2 sets of armor and when you wanted to use the other set you just click the 2nd tab in your inventory. This would make mf swapping so much easier!!!!
Rune word gears
wizards really do need atleast one fire skill for signature spells seeming howitems have fire skill boost i love the wizard but he needs atleast one fire skill for signature spells
peoples want pwp, man what pwp? how you can play pwp? how? you saw your gear!? you can't kill monster on mp 10, and want pwp? is a big difference between good players and medium players, if my bard bave dps 209k dps unbufed, i saw a barb with 563k dps, so how can i play pwp with him! how ? all players want pwp! pwp now is !@#$!
Blizzard know it! PWP must become in minim 1 year! PLease dont speak a pwp, and your dmg is 180k , 50k hp, 300 all rest, 3 lifesteeal! Common man.. you cant play pwp, is a big difference between good players and medium players! NO PWP right now!!
Blizzard need to fix fking bugs right now! No pwp, no other fking improve! only bugs!
1. ID all

2. endless dungeon packed as hell with mobs, with every 5th floor having some rare (purple) "boss" that is tough as f**k, but actually has a fairly good chance of dropping a good item. To make the dungeon challenging, elites and champions on floor 1-5 have 1 affix, F6-10 -2; 11-15 -3; 16-20 -4; and so on untill they have all of them, so the further you go, the tougher it gets, and the better the rewards from bosses. Tbh I'd love to see those who faceroll MP10 get smashed by elites with 8-10 affixes "fast, frozen, molten, plagued, arcane enchanted, desecrator, horde, shielding, jailer, avenger" mwahaha :D now THAT'S A CHALLENGE :P

3. new items

4. new features (sth like infernal machine)

5. adding sockets

6. items enhancement (combine two items of the same type and ilvl, so one you choose to upgrade, and another as a component(gets destroyed in the process, no matter if failed or successful), have a fairly small chance of success, costs loads of gold, upgradable item doesn't get destroyed when failed, if successful - increases the stat that is common for both the main and the component by 5-10%, and if there's more than one stat that they share, the chance is lower for those additional stats to improve. it's very generic what i suggested, but you get the idea.

6. Make stats more valuable because CC, CD, IAS is boring and the only way for high dmg right now...

7. charms

8. more gems with fancy and nice bonuses (like flat defensive bonuses (def, AR, melee/ranged dmg reduction %)), resource regen, CDR, flat resource increase, sky is the limit, you can pretty much add every affix into a gem (just don't make one of them overrule the rest) . (maybe add like 5 more tiers for currents ones as well). Make boots, gloves, shoulders and wrists socketable as well and add gems that fit in only those parts (like movement speed or pickup radius for boots, flat armor for shoulders...i don't know)

9. make the items in AH show us the bonuses they actually give us when worn (if they actually are upgrades or not)

10. jewels
Toggle on/off Auto-Clicking!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have our characters name displayed ingame instead of our battetag. What is the point to having a toon name if know one knows it.
character visual customization.
Endless dungeons
Survival Mode
Offlien mode like Starcraft 2.
Get rid of the items that have ilvl's less then required level.

Both low end and high end stats on items should scale up with ilvl. Such if you find a ilvl of 62, at worse it will be is the best you can find in an ilvl of 61.
More customization on crafting ie; hellfire ring
this ^

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