What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?

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An infinite randomly generated dungeon would be my recommendation at all...Have a dungeon that scales in difficulty/reward the further down into it you venture. Also I would like to be able to dye legendaries.
How about a working server status page ?
id like skill points and stat points back hell if they want more builds out there then why didnt they use the d2 model i had a bear zon a melee sorc 5 different necro builds i mean really
The ability to get resources out of the locked account items so they don't clutter up your stash
this ^

Better Crafting.

Commas in the AH.

New items that does not work with the "ilvl63" but with "plvl" (To give a reason to get to plvl 100)

and allow us to play 2 types of public games.. Passive and Agressive.. up to 8 players.. and in the agressive game.. you can kill the other chars.. and in the private rooms you could also decide if you want to create it in both ways.. (Yes.. thats "pvp" but Blizzard wants to do a Perfect Arena PvP.. well.. if its taking so long.. just give us that while we wait for the full stuff)

Oh.. and allow us to collect a Leg, an eye.. something like the "ear" of D2..

Those are my "#1"

this ^^ u should be able to collect their nose :) n if u get enough of them u can craft it into some sort of socketable. string of noses amulet
The ability to report BOTS. Report Player For -> BOTTING
stackable runes
"add socket" quest. or pay to do it through jeweler or blacksmith.
Comparison of dmg/life/protect when looking at ah items to items you have equipped.
Endless/Progressive dungeon.
server state thank you
A working server status page?
#1 feature would have to be actually being able to play... would be nice if they say servers will be up at 7, for the servers to be up before 8... maybe a blue post saying how long the delay would be? maybe one day....
1. Socket Quest
2. Runes and/or Rune Words
3. Interact travel
4. Option to turn off all videos/event pauses & helper chat messages

Overall - better Drops
It would be nice if Legendary items had values that made them usable, not ranges from absolutely useless to godly. variance is fine, but variance to the point of being unusable is obnoxious making the few and far between drops even fewer and farther between.
Gear and stats specific to our class.

It's really just laziness that everyone, regardless of character choice, can wear everything and that we are all attempting to max out the same stats.
We have SC and HC, two seperate games. Add PvP with seperate AH's for each. Just need to allow ppl to kill each other. Arena's and such can come later. But above all, do not force ppl to PvP by allowing PK'ing.
Obviously, we all want better loot... but the best 2 things I want are:
1) Constant Follower - I am so sick of swapping gear off my Enchantress to my personal inventory then saving it to my stash, switching characters and reversing the operation. Once we get to 60, being able to save Follower Profiles and use them with multiple characters.
2) Crafting to ADD SOCKET - I read this somewhere and thought it was great. Give us recipes to ADD SOCKETS to items. Even with a "randomly replace" an existing attribute. More than one socket on a weapon... remember D2? Runewords... sigh...
I would like to see quest-lines for supreme legendary items and set items...they should be account bound and not able to be sold...and should be class-specific....this would give people the strength they need to be able to solo MP10 inferno...also...these quests should be damn near impossible to do without a group (almost like uber runs...but u can do those without a group)...Another feature that sounds good is a recount...kinda like for WoW...but for D3...just to be able to tell whether a person is holding his/her weight in DPS...and one last thing...full-class healers would also promote group strength...such as a build for a wizard or witch doctor to be able to take the FULL role of healer...or maybe an entire different class altogether....all of these would promote groups to form and to work together...
1 - Endless Dungeon
2 - PvE Arena
3 - Travel between acts without having to leave the game
4 - New towns with mini-dungeons and quest chains
5 - More legendaries that let players create a specific build
6 - more randomized world
7 - act 4 actually worth farming
8 - fix stats on class specific items
9 - more builds
10 - ability to allocate paragon level skill points where desired
11 - 8 player games
12 - ability to socket an item
13 - better professions

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