What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?

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I would like to see Blizzard somehow add the characters toon name to the group display.
Big time on the "Act 4 actually worth farming" - Everybody is farming Act3 for experience and items. There's NOTHING in act 4.
The ability to bring Cain back from being killed by a fairy so he can identify all my fat loots in 1 sec.
Expanded Crafting:
(Many of the options currently available in Diablo 2.)

  • Imbue white items to make a random rare of the same base item type.
  • Re-roll rare item's stats.
  • Raise item level on Legendary items to increase armor/damage
  • Change model of armor pieces (some of the helms just look too stupid)
  • Covetous Shen wants jewels!
  • Dye Legendary items and shields.

Make joining public games not such a pain in the anhus. let me see what im joining!!
A. Enahnce mercs/helpers to be more useful/better dammage and allow them in party
B. Lower level requirements for items in Inferno that have no useful place based on stats when in Inferno (i.e. lvl 40 for a 400 dps item, lvl 30 for 300 dps items...).
C. Stash expansions beyond 3 tabs (nice to have)

Echo of "auto-identify" option, silly waste of time now
Echo "lock gear" so we don't accidently sell it
Echo "charms" nice items in D2

Would love to see my achievements online like you can WoW. I'd like to see what I'm missing, research them while I'm away from home, then have a plan of attack when I get home.


This is something you can take a que from Infinity Blade. Say the event is to kill a bad guy on MPx. When the quota is filled within a certain time frame from enough players, then everyone gets a reward who participated. Could also be kill x number of certain mob type in x amount of seconds. Could be break x number of objects in x amount of seconds, etc.


I think this could work very well in D3. This would be co-op only just for the scenario/event. I don't feel the urge to play coop games much. I don't know why really. A scenario could expand on the 'events' (Jar of Souls, Carrion Farm, etc) that already are in the game.

I think 'events' were a good addition to the diablo series. But I don't think people necessarily look for them. They are cool to hunt if you are working towards the achievement but otherwise they are kinda just there. They aren't part of the endgame scene with XP runs, Keys, whatever. Well how about being able to queue co-op specifically for them?

This could get more people playing co-op. A co-op version could be a bigger/expanded upon/more in-depth version of the event. This could even lead you guys to make more scenarios/events with their own brand new maps!


I think legendary got buffed too much. Its reduced the item hunt to just legendarys, and certain legendarys at that, for endgame. One reason is because certain legendarys have affixes you normally wouldn't have in that spot, say IAS on Inna's, or run speed on Lacuni's.

Rares should be able to compete with those affixes or Legendarys shouldn't have them if rares aren't capable of having them. Special Effects and Artwork are what make the legendarys cool like the occasional bolt on the Demon Machine, or the ball of hellfire on the hellfire ring. They don't need affixes that other items can't have in that slot, just make the special effects more powerful. That way they are really cool, fun, and competitive but maybe not the de facto best in slot that people look for because it has run speed or crit or IAS, etc., when other rares can't have those. That way rares still have a good chance of being min/max best and worth picking up and ID'ing.


This is another que from Infinity Blade. But during a holiday period, maybe create special holiday theme loot or fun loot.


I don't think it needs to be a full fledge AH like SC, but I'd at least like to see the ability to buy/sell gold. People already buy gold from 3rd party sites. People sell their gold by shuffling their HC gold for someone else's SC gold then selling the SC gold via RMAH. So why not at least have a RMAH for gold?


I think Call of the Ancients can be cool and fun, but it can't compete with Wrath of the Berseker. WoTB while immune to cc, can also be extended by a good amount from all the things Crit Chance synergizes with and by player skill. So how about improving Call of the Ancients and other underused skills?

DH Grenades is another example. I'd be more inclined to use that if you could throw them farther. I'd love to see a viable grenade/bombardier/rockets type of build that focused on all those types of skills/passives that synergized as well as the Barb's WW build. There's a couple synergies but it definitely has room to be improved upon.

Another indirect way to buff skills is to move certain runes to be baseline. Example would be the Thunderclap rune on Monk's Fist of Thunder. I think that type of movement for a monk is so central to the playstyle of a monk that it should be baseline to ALL primary monk spirit genterators! Then you can feel you can you don't have to take Fist of Thunder, or if you do, you can pick other runes.


1-60 I don't mind in the least not being able to customize stats, and I think it was a good design decision to not customize them for D3 because the focus 1-60 is leveling and experimenting with skills. But I think as you are going for paragon levels, you are probably well versed in the game by then. I don't see the harm in allocating your stats where you want for Paragon levels. It would be an 'end game' thing and it would allow Paragon levels to be a little more rewarding through the grind to pick where you want to put them. I don't think it would detract from the game one bit. In fact it might let you have other gearing opportunities if you could allocate stats that were missing from the gear.


People don't want more Monster Density for more drop frequency, they want it cause its more "fun", and because it would add variety to endgame xp farming. I tend to agree. When you encounter large packs of monsters, your senses are heightened, you are more engaged because one slip could be death. Its chaos that you have to control and that's fun!

Seeing your skills affect a large number of mobs is really eye catching and fun, and maybe addicting. Don't get me wrong there should absolutely be danger, trap mobs, threat of dying for you to deal with, still some really tough single targets mixed in for variety, but more mobs is more fun by and large. And I think that's more appropriate for an ActionRPG whereas more single target is more mmo.

In fact I think Boss encounters should be more chaotic than the single target fight that they are. There should be more encounters like Belial stage2 where you have to fight adds along with Belial. Skeleton King would be better if there were adds more often, more mix of range/melee adds to deal with. Imagine Skeleton King fight at the same time as the 4 pillars event right before you get to him? Put those two together and that'd be a whale of a better of a boss fight!

I don't know... the Butcher, Ghom, Diablo, Azmodan, Siegebreaker, they are too MMO like for my tastes really. Give bosses a crap ton more adds to deal with!
Basic concept/request - give those of us who are unlucky, the way to add value/iteratively improve our lot in life.

Crafting has the basic concept, but the gold costs are staggering and the outcomes so unlikely to be good that it is defeated from the start. Suggestion: drop the gold from the crafting requiement

Jewels are another possibility, but the AH prices have been so low, that the 15% charge in AH makes upgrading and selling jewels nearly pointless. Suggestion make the jewels sellable to vendors at rates that make crafting jewels profitable

Give us some way to make tradesmen that can produce great items at a reasonable cost/chance. It would grow the D3 economy, and make for more buyers able to use the AH.
Mine would have to be more inventory space and/or Stash pages. By at least 1-2. I also agree on Gear Combinations from theother guys post.
PvP ffs.......
#3, Potions that are actually useful

#2, A pet that follows me around, can carry extra loot and can be sent to town to vendor items and/or buy potions

There are many requests that seem good, but I believe that making the entire map more fun to actually decide to play through would make this game much more interesting as the best current option remains to endlessly farm a3.


^ An actual Idea to fix this.
Play act1, 2, 4 who cares. Enjoy.
I have another couple of ideas before this fills up completely.
1) Add more types of gems like Onyx, Saphire, Diamond ect. with thier own abilities but also add the ability to fuse gems together for a random effect. Example, fusing an onyx and ruby together would give you +20 strength(ruby) and +20 Damage to Demons(onyx) so fourth and so on. i got many combos of these i just don't want to write them all down because it would take up way too much space.
2) Along with the "arena" style of PvP that comes out, have a Battle Ground type of PvP. This would encourage people to want to play together more if you had a capture the flag type of PvP. It's called Warsong Gulch in WoW. Team v/s Team pvp. That would freakin' rock!!
A great place for this would be between the 2 bridges Bridge of Korsik and Rakkis Crossing. Seems almost like that area was made for it.
and before i get all of the "This game isn't WoW" talk. I realize it's not WoW, just trying to eliminate the "boring" before it happens. 2vs2 3vs 3 4vs4 will be great for about 2 months but then what? It'll become boring real quick, Battle Grounds are always fun. :D

And an extra 2 or possibly 3 extra tabs on your stash box would be great!
I would like to see more bad guys too kill. I always liked the idea of monster power adding more to kill not just increasing dmg/hp

Also wouldn't mind a gold/crafting sink like the new valor upgrade system in wow. Maybe a legendary can be upgraded 5 times Rares 10 Blues 20. Would have to make the upgrades worth it of course but It would add some fun.

I wish stats were more dynamic/interesting having every class go after

Main stat
attack speed
crit chance
crit dmg
average dmg

Not very fun when looking for upgrades as drops or from the AH
Add sockets to weapons and helms
Unregulated PVP via Hostile
In game ladder
In battle.net armory EHP calculator so I don't ahve to visit 3rd party sites for something YOU should be freaking making
battle.net armory to update more than once a freaking day
I would like to see a betting system on PVP. Anyone can bet on any tournament match that's being played. You dont have to play to when some gold you can bet on the match like its a horse race. That's what i would like to see in PVP.

Let me add that you can watch the death match if you would like. So you get to see if your guy wins the match. Its kind of death match with bets being placed. Doesn't that sound fun.

1 stash tab for each character class.

Make a trading post game. Meet at some Trading Post in the game where players can trade items.
Better graphics!! The textures, the environments are too cartoonish! We need an atmosphere like D1 & D2!

New original boss! In mean.. bring most of the boss that we already seen? C"mon! (Butcher, Skeleton King, Izual)
#1 feature I want to see in D3 is ability to transfer characters between servers, or at least, items between servers.

Let me explain why.

I leave in France and have been playing D3 since it is available, and started to play on US servers with a Barbarian character. At this time, it was not clear to me that this choice is so much important....
It went OK so my Barb is now 60 (14 parangon) with quite decent items. But now I regularly experiments ping issues at night (~ 500 to 1000 ms), that makes game experience unplayable.
Then I decided to move to Europe server with far better ping (40 to 60 ms anytime)

Everybody can now understand the major frustration I have by being unable to transfer my Barb (which represents more than 250h of gameplay) to Europe server, or at least transfer his powerful items from NA to EUR server.

I have always understood that D3 is to be considered as a "long term time investment" (this was quite written this way to describe parangon system), but this investment is now almost lost for me, I have to restart from 0.
Offline mode (goes hand in hand with removal of AH system)

Edit: Meaning no requirement whatsoever for internet connection in order to play single player game, not even the logging into bnet.

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