What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?

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Hi there! I'd like to see some additional buff icons especially for the monk. I would think the following would be extremely useful to display:

When combination strike buff is active and;

When rune effects such as Deadly Strike - Foresight's 30 second damage buff is active.

1, the auction house

Items increase the auction house and who is now equipped to show earnings!

2, the interface

Increase the game overall font choice, because now the font is not clear, especially Chinese

3, equipment

Add more exclusive equipment or mission equipment to enhance gameplay and playable!

4 gems

Gems to increase the general category, use of gemstones improve other properties, such as pick-up, blood cells, elite strange injury

5, formula system

Complete the task formula, to increase the number of items Socket, probability of success, if it fails, the goods and equipped with all but disappeared.

6, equipment synthesis system

Obtained only through manufacturing increased more advanced equipment
ID all. I'm surprised it's not a thing already.
PvP thats all we need, no balance needed either
i wouldn't mind seeing the hellfire Amulet as mentioned above. And make it something that ups your damage with new prefixes and affixes. That would be awesome.
i LOVE it if we could travel back and forth between acts in game by wp w/o losing nv. also have all bosses available without having to play through the entire game. More items/useful legendarys. have legendarys be actual items like a legendary desolator wand instead of just wand
achievements unbugged / fixed so they can be achieved.
If I had to pick one new feature, it would have to be an option (much like elective mode) that opens every waypoint and spawns every boss / miniboss ect while in one game, and opens every pathway while disabling quests, or making them not required to advance. At the moment the game is really fun, but it feels like three small games because we have to make a separate game for each act. It would feel a LOT bigger and better if we could go anywhere in the game while in one game.
I would love a pointer icon for my mouse that I could actually see once the battles ramp up. That tiny sword seems to disappear in the billions of pixels being thrown at my screen and I often lose my sense of direction for a moment or two.... which is plenty of time to get myself killed. :(
The ability to jump to any chapter, in any act, at any time without loosing your NV.

Also once you reach NV5, bosses in any area that you have not explored should spawn.

These are really basic game mechanics that will break the monotony of act3 runs.

Monster density also needs to be increased in most areas to be close to that of the Feilds of Slaughter.

Re-instate Attack Speed to Pre-nerf, and nerf Crit Damage. Attack speed makes the game so much fun, Crit Damage is just OP.
Not sure if this was mentioned yet, but I wish the jeweler/blacksmith had a queue option instead of having to push the craft button over and over again.
1. PvP

2. Public MP games. Incentives for playing in multiplayer. EXP boost to go with the amount of HP monsters receive when a player joins the group. As of now, leveling by yourself is the best option. If they implement this change I think more people would play.

3. The game would get boring quick if there isn't new additional content. New crafting options, new jewels (sapphire-increase resource by % for helm +1,2,3,4,5,6, or so for armor, and increase the amount of resource generated by attacks for weapons.) Of course it should be looked at it for balance.

4. I don't understand the whole damage reduction thing that monks and barbs get. It only made sense in the beginning stages of the game when ranged attacks mattered. Give an attack speed bonus to ranged classes.

5. Clan feature. If starcraft can have it. Why can't diablo?

6. New Gear, New Enemies! Infinite Dungeon! Increase the party cap to 8 or at least 6! These are just some of the things off of my head. This game can be so much better than what it is now.
12/04/2012 10:49 PMPosted by Rhyas9
ID all. I'm surprised it's not a thing already.

This has been said many times, so I would think that they might actually add it.

I can't really think of any reason not to, and it's pretty clear to me that many want this.
Random Environments
Finding new maps like something like path of Exile
Blacksmith Socketing
1. PVP
2.MOAR ACTS! (since adria is still alive and i guess they should add another act where we kill her)
3. free mode where we could do anything we want without any quests.
4. events on act 4
5. another class (maybe necromancer?)
6. max 5 players on co-op so we can have all 5 classes in 1 game
7. show the negative or positive stats between items on the ah and our equipped items so we don't have to buy something that is very expensive and we thought have better stats compared to our current item stats and turns out to be very useless.
the cube and everything that goes along with it; but really I want a game more like d2 not watered down like d3

back in d2 there were choices that meant something, and a random areas that were fun to solve and delve into in

put the fun back in the game, then double it
- more zoom out and increase range of wiz/wd/dh skills. The current range right now is pathetic. One step and monster is already in your face. This might compensate for melee dmg reduction.

- weapon gems:
red +crit chance
yellow +atk speed
purple +loh and life steal

- new class: samurai (strength primary)
Dye for legendaries. I look like a clown, just like everyone else, because there is a single best in slot item for too many items.

Let us at least have different colours!

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