What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?

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wizard fixes, game to be not so AH reliant so it aint pay to win, CRAFTING CRAFTING AND MOAR CRAFTING, something great they introduced and just kinda left behind..... i mean you can do so much with that !@#$ with easy 10 minute code fixes but nope... too scared to break their all beloved AH i guess. If they arent going to introduce something as extensive as runewords or unique things people can farm other than legendaries then atleast make skill runes customizable and upgradeable, lets say you really like a rune, then you can level that rune up by using it and adding in small bonuses etc etc. This game can go so many directions but the dev team is doing nothing but fixing one class and breaking another...
Onyx Helm = % Damage to Demons
Armor = % Elemental absorb (i.e. Lazers, reflect damage, desecrate can have an absorbtion amount)
Weapons = Enemy attacks do x% less damage (proc or permanent)

Diamonds Helm = % Damage to Undead
Armor = + to All Resistances
Weapons = +% Increased attack speed

Sapphire Helm = Resource Regeneration %
Armor = Movement Speed % increase
Weapons = Proc chance to increase damage x% for x amount of seconds.(still kind of up in the air about this 1)
Any other gem ideas out there. Be realistic please. :D
11/30/2012 05:53 PMPosted by AngryRob
My #1 request would be IDENTIFY ALL.

that would be SO NICE to have

Didn't.... Diablo 2 have that?

Number one feature:

Allow hellfire ring fireballs to do environmental damage, as well as the flag banner.

What i mean is, if my hellfire ring randomly lobs a fireball at a wooden door, the door should break open. If I cast my flag down ontop of a infernal nest (the mounds with scorpions inside them), it should pop open.

Its just a pet peeve, and it would make the game feel more realistic in the sense that all these things interact with each other. A small request :)
More reward for difficulty and an endless dungeon
I dont know if this has been posted or not. But it would be cool if every few paragon levels we got to 'level up' a skill of our choosing, boosting it in some way slightly. Fists of thunder gaining extra damage or being able to hit teleport to mobs from farther away, breath of life healing for more, etc etc. Im sure other people could think of cool ideas for buffs to skills.

a little extra incentive to grind paragon and more customization for your nephalem never hurts!
Simple suggestion - different colors for 4/5/6 affix rares. Even better if there were a menu option to change the text colors to your liking.

I'd love to know if a rare was a 6 affix without having to pick it up and identify it - id never pick up 4 and 5 affix rares (and ultimately save a ton of trips to the vendor).
Make crafting useful again. I printed gold making 6 prop gloves, bracers, and chests early on. Now you only lose gold with crafting.

Also WE NEED MORE PLAYERS. The AH right now is in shambles because theres no one to buy anything. More players means more drops coming in, more people making different classes and more items bieng sold. Blizzard MUST bring back at least 4-5 million players.
I would love to player created games and a lobby put back into the game.

The problem I am running into right now with the game is that I don't have many people that I play with, and none of them play frequently. I think it is extremely annoying that there is no interaction inside the D3 battle.net system. No chat channels, no lobby, no player created games.

The option I do have is to select a quest and hope that the people there are interested in playing. I get no idea of what the people on that quest are shooting for, no idea of how long they are playing for, if they have any particular goals. Player created games had all of that. You could have titles like "act 1 to 4," "Starting again," "Trist Runs," "Baal runs," "Cows 5345123." Tiny bits of information that tell you so much of the intent of the group of players inside that game. That is important.

It could work so well here with the varied ways to play. Games for different MP, games for key farming, experience farming, messing around with different characters. Also I think that the waypoint system in D2 crushed the system we have in place now. You could go through all of the acts seemlessly, that is the way it should be.

that ALONE, i mean not even into pvp yet, would make me less bored, take a break go trade, or go hardcore farm with a few buddies, just knowing what kind of game you ge tinto, and that would also enable the choice of MP in public games. on the game list in the lobby you would have game name, and MP level.
I would like to see a faster way to swap skills out. Maybe add in the scroll wheel thing again like in d2 :)
11/30/2012 06:19 AMPosted by Saturos
Please add an endless dungeon with an extremely large number of monsters and elites and random environments!

11/30/2012 07:28 AMPosted by PantlessKrab
I would like to see a "free mode" with all bosses up, no quests (aside from events) and the ability to travel between acts. I realize this has been posted here a number of times but I think it's worth repeating.

These two additions would make the game 100% better.
i like the mp system but its useless as of now, not enough bonuses for the difficuliy, i wish some items would only drop in specific mps, i know its based on monster lvl, so why am i getting lvl 61 legs on mp6? and 63 items on mp0, something is wrong... just pointing that out, idc... Mental#1111
Echoing/Reiterating - Quick Gear/Skill Swap

In D2, you could have a 2nd setup and press a key to swap from say two swords to an axe and sheild and Offensive Mantra to Defensive Mantra for different types of situations.

In D3, if you even switch a skill, all your Nephs of Valor disappear.
11/30/2012 05:48 PMPosted by DChe
I always find it interesting seeing what features appeal to each player and their different preferences and playstyles. Even in this thread alone, there are quite a variety of different answers and ideas and some of these are very much on our radar. We definitely appreciate the continued feedback, and aim to make Diablo III the best game it can possibly be. :)

At least there is hope :)

I wouldn't hold my breath.
AH enhancement echo/reiteration

It would be nice to see who bought a given item (sold or one you lost a bit on), and for how

Some speculators are buying and reselling and inflating prices to astronomical costs prohibiting trade. It would be nice to see who they are so we can boycot offenders, and reward reasonable sellers.
11/30/2012 05:43 PMPosted by Vaeflare
I always find it interesting seeing what features appeal to each player and their different preferences and playstyles. Even in this thread alone, there are quite a variety of different answers and ideas and some of these are very much on our radar. We definitely appreciate the continued feedback, and aim to make Diablo III the best game it can possibly be. :)

If only important things were on your radar...

Have you implemented this yet?

No, of course you haven't. Until this happens, I simply couldn't give a damn about this game or any future Blizzard game. Oh and b.t.w Jay Wilson, if I ever see your name in anything related to a computer game, I will be sure not to buy it.
Simple question, simple answer : biggest maps with more new monsters and strongest randomization, no more dialogs and scenes "force escape", and more terrific boss (no more speeches please).

how that it is not "one" thing... it is... look, "one" sentence...
second thing will be more darkness ambiance, like in D2.
1) Ability to travel to all acts in one game w/out losing NV
2) Revive crafting to have some use (hellfire breaks down to organs, re-roll legs, etc.)
3) Add DOT/LS/Stun procs to elemental weapons based off their DPS
4) Addition of socketing quest/stat perm quest/chosen skill %upgrade quest
5) Endless high density dungeon, or at the very least a long one of increasing difficulty
6) FIX THE DAMN SCROLL ARROWS IN CHAT! Seriously embarrassing 1 patch, 1 hotfix, and multiple maintenance days and it's STILL broken
7) Identify All
8) Change Topaz weapon affix to CC% (10%rad star)
9) Get rid of enrage timers on ubers, completely pointless, there was a reason they were done away with on elites. If I feel like wasting 25min on MP10 let me do it, it's challenging.
#1 feature for me would be: All legendary drops in Inferno to be level 63 - increase level 60, 61 and 62 legendary and set items to be level 63 and upgrade their stats accordingly.

It gets real old seeing the column of light, picking up a legendary or set item and knowing before it is identified that it is utterly worthless and bound for the scrap heap. I'm sorry, but all of the work done for most of the legendary items in the game was wasted. Nobody in their right mind uses items like "Promise of Glory". More like "Promise of About To Be Salvaged". Hardly legendary.

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