What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?

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Needs a d*ck measuring tape
Server reset. Reroll every class. Restart the economy. Enjoy the tears of QQers.
1) Index mob density to MP level
2) Give white mobs one affix (each)
next patch notes:
- removed Jay Wilson
I would love to see unique class specific items with crazy attributes that get better based on the players level and/or paragon level.
12/06/2012 06:08 PMPosted by MadSkilled
a very cool game idea for a never ending dungeon would be something similar to zombie survival. so it gets to an unbeatable point and youre overwhelmed.

This does sound pretty cool for sure.
Edit: Endless Dungeon/Horde mode would be frickin sweet!

- More/Varied Loot - Better Legendaries, Runes, Runewords, Jewels, Charms, more variety, interesting stats/builds. Maybe 7 or 8 affixes on items? Didn't Runewords in D2 have like 50 affixes?

- Buffed Skills - And I do mean BUFFED. There are a lot of useless runes, and a just a lot of useless skills altogether that nobody bothers using. Ideally, changing a skill set should make you AT LEAST as powerful as the optimal skills you were already using, just powerful in a DIFFERENT way.

- Drop Quality - Wizard Helms with Dex? DH Cloaks with Int? 99.99% of loot is a complete write-off without even having to think about it. Even "Legendary" items can be rendered absolute trash with a Pickup Radius or Health Globe Bonus

- World PvP - Whatever PvP system they've been trying to cook up for the past several years obviously isn't going to work. Arena 2v2? Nobody wants that crap. I want to stab people who tick me off in-game.

- Stop Exploiters - Captchas to stop bots from playing games, longer timer on trade windows to prevent scamming

- Remove RMAH - The dollar value intrinsically associated with every item drop did more damage and cost this game more players than every other flaw combined. Removing RMAH hurts botters, hurts gold farmers, fights account theft, will reduce inflation, and will help make the game more playable for those who never bought gold, botted, AH flipped, etc. As soon as money is removed from the equation, Diablo 3 starts being a GAME

if u remove rmah, ppl will make gold selling sites, just like for wow and d2. it wont fix anything, it will create more problems (at least with rmah ppl can buy items and gold knowing they wont be scammed)
In case it's still not loud enough, ID ALL.
Weapon switching, the ability to be able to assign 3 to 5 weapons. Well diablo2 had two, so it makes sense that diablo3 at least have 3 slots.
12/04/2012 12:44 PMPosted by Sarahimus
pvp. the only feature anyone wants to see.

12/04/2012 09:38 PMPosted by Mark1030
- add a 'no pick up' option so you only pick up stuff you want.

more to the point allow selection of 'auto pickup' for each rarity type, (All, Rare, Leg/Set), that has the same pickup range as what is current for gold.
12/05/2012 03:27 AMPosted by MagusHenosis
ID all. I'm surprised it's not a thing already.

This has been said many times, so I would think that they might actually add it.

I can't really think of any reason not to, and it's pretty clear to me that many want this.

Have Magic Find work in rolling for each bonus:

Example: if a bonus range is from 101 to 200, and your MF is 400. Your new bonus range would be 141-200.

Min Bonus = 101
Max Bonus = 200
Range = Max Bonus - Min Bonus +1

New Min Bonus = Min Bonus + (Range * (MF / 10))
12/05/2012 01:56 PMPosted by Belnades
4) ability to see stat increase/decrease in AH like we do when item is in our inventory

Yes, but also expand it to include all stats from both items, like it works in WoW.
#1 request that would get me playing again (I know it won't happen) is offline play.
#2 would be actual random environments instead of static environments with semi-random doors to walk in.
allow us to invite the merchant to a fight. if I can finish him off, I get to keep all his gold (min. 5M) and goods (min. 2 Legendaries).
merchant lvl randomly generated.
#1: In-game access to the Ah.
#2: Completely randomly generated levels you can access by talking to someone or using something in town.

#3: The Mystic, with the following options:

- Appearance changes.
* Pick an item with base stats and properties you like.
* Pick an item of the same type with the appearance and skin you want.
* Put one's appearance in the other.
* You can use this to put a legendary appearance on a magic or rare, but legendary skins lose visual effects like trails, glows and sparks, just keeping the model.
Cost: Item with the stats, item with the skin, gold.

- Item reroll
* Pick an item you want 'rerolled'
* Pick one or more items of the same type, iLevel and quality (the same-name for legendaries).
* The process may require extra items of the same quality as a cost, depending on the power of the possible result.
* The base type, stats (white numbers like armor in clothes, damage in weapons, block chance for shields, etc) and appearance of the original item stay, but the properties are randomly generated again as if it was a new drop. This an also be used to 'upgade' old legendaries after an update.
Cost: Item to be rerolled, item(s) to be consumed, gold, materials.

- Item transmutation
* Pick a magic or rare item you want to use as a base.
* Pick an item of the same quality and same or lower iLevel, but different type, and only with stats the first item can have. (e.g.: If a pair of boots have running speed, you can't apply their properties in a gauntlet)
* The process may require extra items of the same quality as a cost, depending on the power of the possible result.
* The jeweler would get recipes to turn gems into 'empty jewels' of different levels and in two qualities: Magic and Rare. This process would allow putting properties into a jewel, and then put them into an item. Jewels can only be inserted in items of the same or higher iLevel than themselves. Also, you can't recover them like gems, either you destroy the item to recover the jewel, or the jewel to empty the socket. Jewels allow many properties not found in gems, but in exchange, their values are lower. Both empty and enchanted Jewels may also drop from enemies, and there would be 5 legendary jewels too.
* The resulting item will have the base type and stats of the first item, and the properties of the second, but the values of those properties would be randomly generated again within values the first item can accept. For example, using an item with 200 strength to enchant a jewel may get you jewel with just 10-50 strength.
Cost: Item to be transformed, item to transform into, extra items to be consumed, gold, materials, gems.

- Property injection chance.
* Pick a magic or rare item you want injected with a new property. Magics must have less than 3 properties. Rares must have less than 8.
* Pick an item of the same type, iLevel and rarity that has the property you want to inject.
* The process may require extra items of the same quality as a cost, depending on the power of the possible result.
* Select a number of properties of the second item. The less properties you select, the higher the cost.
* When the process is activated, one of the properties you selected has a chance to be injected into the first item.
* What's injected is the property, not the value. The value will be re-rolled when injected into the item.
* The higher the values of the selected properties, the better the chance of any of them being injected. This means that an item with 200 strength has better chance to add strength than an item with 100, but if the injection happens, in either case the strength added will have a random value within the range the item can have, not the original value of the item consumed.
* If the resulting item surpasses the power limits of its current iLevel, its iLevel will be increased, and its level with it. Once the item reaches Level 60 or iLevel 60, this process will ALWAYS increase the iLevel of the item even if nothing is injected, up to iLevel 99. Items with iLevel 99 can't be altered anymore with this process.
* The costs are paid regardless of a property being injected or not.
Cost: Item to be injected, item that has the property to inject, iLevels added in the item to be injected, extra items to be consumed, materials, gold.

- Property improvement chance
* Pick a magic or rare item with the property you want to increase.
* Pick an item with the same iLevel, quality and type of the original item, which also has at least one property in common with the original, but with a higher value.
* The process may require extra items of the same quality as a cost, depending on the power of the possible result.
* Select one of all the properties the item has in common and with a greater value than the original. (e.g.: The original has 100 strength, 80 vitality and 40 dexterity, the second item has 150 strength, 45 vitality and 60 dexterity, you can select strength OR dexterity)
* When the process is activated, the property you selected will be increased in the first item by a value between 0 and the difference between the values of the property in the original and in the item consumed. In the previous example, if you chose Strength, it would be increased by a random value between 0 and 50; if you chose Dexterity, it'll be increased by a value between 0 and 20.
* If the resulting item surpasses the power limits of its current iLevel, its iLevel will be increased, and its level with it. Once the item reaches Level 60 or iLevel 60, this process will ALWAYS increase the iLevel of the item even if nothing is improved, up to iLevel 99. Items with iLevel 99 can't be altered anymore with this process.
* The costs are paid regardless of a property being improved or not, i.e.: The value was increased by 0.
Cost: Item to be improved, item that has the property, iLevels added in the item to be improved, extra items to be consumed, materials, gold.

- Items injected or improved can be improved or injected again untill they hit iLevel 99, but not used to improve, inject or transmute other items. You can use only 'natural drops' and items crafted by the blacksmith for that.
- All Items transformed by the Mystic would become 'bound' to the account, not sellable in the AH.
- Some properties, like "reduced level requirement" would have exponentially prohibitive costs, or even not be allowed in the Mystic.

This would add the following thing:
- Vanity customizations.
- A sink to many items flooding the AH:
* Updating old legendaries after updates.
* Giving an use to many useless items, as an item with single property with a high value or an item with a good combination of properties but with low values gain a certain value.
- A way to 'steer' the properties of your gear, but without directly allowing you to simply make the gear you want with the exact properties and values you want.
- More fun with crafting and drops.
Hi All,

here are some proposition (didn't goes through all the pages and see if it was already proposed) :
- gameplay : join a party as view only
- gameplay : the current DPS with all buff shown at all time without having the need to open the inventory (to check the damage number) : with all the skills that can help buff our DPS with a certain limit of time, which doesn't appear in the bar, it will be easier for us to know when the buff has ended.
- gameplay : similar thing with the armor/resist might be useful, it could be something customizable and we just choose which data we wanna be shown
- gameplay : having a blink dot or something that points us in the map (tab key) to our legendaries
- gameplay : automatic pickup of whatever we have selected (eg : all gems, legendaries, blue item, yellow item, tome of secret ... or whatever ..)
- gameplay : option to not display the loop we don't want (eg I don't want to see blue and white item)
- AH : More filtering possibilities (I took at least half an hour to look through whatever was displayable 46pages for the stone of Jordan : wanted to filter with the spirit regen/hit chance for TR). the 46 pages (times 2) sort by time left up and down didn't show me everything (only around 2 hours of items)
- AH : More sorting possibilities (eg : sort our current bid by time left)
- AH : Being able to save the last 2-3 research to avoid everytime to select the filter
- AH : increase maximum of GAH and RMAH
- AH : the comma when we are bidding ...
- PVP !

Make PvP a separate instance. Else all it is going to be is players with $800 gear sets one-shotting those with mediocre gear. Not worth playing. No amount of skill or creativity is going to get around those numbers.

PvP needs to have its own gear that is balanced and capped in order to have fair gameplay. If they do not do this, PvP will be dead before it was ever alive.

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