What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?

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1) A useful crafting mechanism (0.001% of getting a good item or item with extra (4) slot, etc...)

2) Runewords (but should be random words on each toon, so your best runeword would be fus ro dah giving you 6% crit chance, whilst my runeword for 6% crit chance would be ro fus dah)

3) Giving you the possibility to add 2 points per paragon into a certain stat (dmg, crit dmg, atk speed, block chance, loh, vit, ...)

4) Giving legendaries more specific stats with backdraws like this one:

Set name: The Omen of Valor

The Omen of Glory (Sword)
800 - 1150 DMG

+170-200 Strength/Intelligence/Dexterity
+8%-10% Crit chance
+74%-100% Crit damage
+ 1 socket

-3% Attack speed
-12% Movement speed

Unique ability:
When your life is at 5% of your max hp you gain a sword buff giving you +35% (x valor stacks) Crit damage for 3 seconds
(only active when set is not complete)

The Omen of Defense (Shield)
1000-1350 ARMOR

+150-180 Strength/Intelligence/Dexterity
+81-95 Resistance to All Elements
+5%-15% Chance to Block
+Reduces damage from elites by 8-10%

-3% Attack speed
-12% Movement speed

Unique ability:
When your life is at 5% of your max hp you gain a shield absorbing 10% (x valor stacks) of your current hp
(only active when set is not complete)

SET ability (2):

+2% Attack speed PER VALOR STACK
+6% Movement speed PER VALOR STACK
+10% Chance to block

Unique SET ability (2):
When your life is at 5% of your max hp you gain 40% (x valor stacks) Crit damage for 3 secs, you become immune to damage for 3 secs and you gain +150 Life on Hit(x valor stacks) for 3 secs
This effect cannot occur more than once every 180 secs

-1 Valor stack upon death

Only for real "Men of Valor"
It's a close tie between depth and patching it until it becomes diablo 1
Well, I won't ask for much... But I will say that I actually have items stashed away in my chest in hopes that I will be able to upgrade it one day with a competent blacksmith.

So please, make our level 10 master blacksmith a bit smarter... Smart enough to upgrade our loot. Everyone purchased this game and everyone deserves a shot at the best gear. If you can't find it, at least you can upgrade your current gear, piece by piece, bit by bit... Over time, through farming materials, completing quests, etc... You'll be able to upgrade your gear to be the best it can be.

Also, why do we invest so much in a blacksmith that doesn't even offer us a discount? Repairs at the blacksmith should be reduced each time you upgraded him - to a max discount at level 10. I can repair with a merchant out in the world, or return to town for the discount at the upgraded blacksmith. This would also entice people to visit him more often - possibly leading to more crafting.

Giving the blacksmith more "Skill" per say, will in itself add so much more value to your farming efforts and increase the games value. Currently, at paragon 59 - pretty much all loot I've found has been below par, forcing me to buy from the AH in order to gear for higher MP levels. This fact alone has made me despise the game - yet I keep playing in hopes that something will change.

We shouldn't have to be forced to always use the AH for the best loot, give us the ability to find it by increasing drop quality, or better yet - an upgrade station with our blacksmith.


With a 2-billion cap set by you in the AH - it would only be fair to make that price approachable by increasing the amount of gold dropped. I can farm about 1 million gold if I do an entire act III run. That's 2000 runs I would have to do just to be able to afford 1 piece at 2 billion in the AH. And honestly, most upgrades for players at my item level are about 1.5 to 2 billion...


More side quests with depth to them... You and your team should pick up Fallout 3 if you haven't already... Completely different game, but there was so much depth to it. With a developer of your size, along with the amount of resources available to you, "depth" shouldn't be that difficult. In Diablo 3, we should "Feel" like adventurers, like "heroes" on a journey in an unknown realm. Mystery, adventure, TREASURE to be found...

For the sake of avoiding boredom - map, location, dialog randomization is a must. It's driving us crazy to farm the same Act, or Acts over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over...

Top that with the fact that all that work equals no item upgrade rewards... Leaves a bitter feeling... So yeah! I have hopes and believe that something will change soon and I so look forward to it!

Just give us your best shot! You show us what you're made of... We all know Blizzard North was able to pull off games of grand design for their time. With current technology, your resources and capabilities... I'm waiting for you to blow our socks off! :-)
legendary sets for followers

return of ruin words

lengendary dyes
Yes to most of what has been said. How about this...

Skill points to beef up runes. Keep skill system as is, but after lvl 60 for each paragon lvl earn skill points to be invested into specific runes. Some sense of customization, permanency in our choices and diversify builds.
Monster Density option along with the MP level...

I love act I, but monster density sucks... Monster Density would be set to 1 as it currently is and can be increased up to 10.
Wing Quests. It sucks that only pre-orders get the cool wings.

Quest for different types of wings that can be activated for different bonuses...

Set of wings for life on hit & damage reduction
Set of wings for movement speed & pickup radius
Set of wings for Mana/Disc-Hatred/Spirit, etc... regeneration
Set of wings for aura's that give party bonuses within 50yrds from you.

You can farm for the demon organs and angelic parts to make wings at an enchantress...

Switch between wings depending on what buff you want to use for a specific task...
12/13/2012 11:20 AMPosted by Shadovex
Maybe instead of making a pointless post which does not contribute to the thread in any way you could drop one or two things you personally would like to see in Diablo 3. This isn't a praise and worship your CM forum.

What are you talking about? He was acknowledging the fact that they are reading our posts... Also, he states that a lot of these suggestions are on their radar - a.k.a. are being considered for implementation in to the game...

Back to suggestions now...
Oh yeah! What is this the 90's..?

V . O . I . P

my two item ideas in this thread here :)

the crossbow and the hand crossbows are really nice but the windforce is just plain horrible.

ire of ith

3 sockets
~350 to ~450 cold damage
increased chill duration.
decreases target's defense by 25.
+.2 to .3 attack speed
+10-20 discipline
+10-20% elemental arrow.
+400 dex
2.0-3.0 leach
10% chance to freeze
50% chance to chill(since the player might be using a skill that changes damage type)
50% chance of bleeding 5k
player will occasionally become chilled.
no random mods

only dropped by treasure goblins.

and altho it's a bow and it has the same base ias as a bow and every skill treats it as a bow, it should look just like the hellion crossbow except it's ethereal and has the standard graphic cold effect for the avalanche mod.

flavor text.
this is easily the ire of ith, where is ith? the malice with which this thing was made is unmistakable. all woes would be ours if ever we should know such a place.

vampire's gaze.

2 sockets or chance for a second socket. note, eye's should apear to be colored and gemmed acordingly with however it currently is on the ingame character's apearence. should show the gem grade also.
should apear as the andariels visage but be a pale green-white.
.90-1.33hatred regen
400-700 life on hit
400-700 regen
4-6% melee damage reduction
4-6% ranged damage reduction
+5-30% take more damage from elites
+5-20% take more damage from holy
5-10% less Damage from arcane
1 random mod. possibility for a 2 eye'd gaze.
1. If the game starts at level 60, then just let us have level 60 characters. There is no point at all to levels 1-59. It's such a dumb dumb dumb thing to have to do.

2. Give us a reason to craft. Possibly pay more gold or supplies to get an attribute guaranteed. Get rid of the 4, 5 and 6 magic properties. No one does 4, no one does 5, and barely anyone does 6 anyway. Just make it random. This game is about RANDOM right? Toss in 7 or 8 magic properties. At least then it thing might be worth trying to craft.

3. Either lessen the painful cost of crafting or give back more supplies for the crappy ones. Burning 40 things of this and 10 things of that plus other junk and only getting back 1 essence plus 1 tear is ridiculous.

4. Keep your precious Money house. Get rid of the Gold House.

5. Itemize the weapons and gear to be more class specific only. Since there's no str requirements, at least that can limit the items per character.

6. Possibly have some weapons force players to have a certain skill active to use.

7. Let NV be active for all exp levels or just get rid of it.


It is not our job to do yours.
idk, i kind of like the shallowness of the current skill system. there is a degree to which it's nice to be able to swap skills and not really have a major customisation backing to it all. chess is a great game but it's simple compared to many things. but i deffinitly prefer chess to d2's later years :)

i really dont know much about their original rune system but.... it didn't sound like a very good idea.
Yes to most of what has been said. How about this...

Skill points to beef up runes. Keep skill system as is, but after lvl 60 for each paragon lvl earn skill points to be invested into specific runes. Some sense of customization, permanency in our choices and diversify builds.

No Paragon should not be made a bundling tool for things that affect skill balance ect. , this is as bad as wanting it to have pickup area expanded. That said if you can farm high MP areas what your point?

This is not a thread for debate... Post what YOU would like to see added to the game. That's it. Each person is allowed to voice their ideas here without argument.

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