What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?

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An infinite level randomly generated dungeon.
Mass production, like world of Warcraft.
Skill points.
Definitelly, new maps, creatures, bosses... I believe this is the only solution for long term play.
more variety in socketables above all
#1 MUCH more storage space.
#2 More ways to customize your characters.

As far as the game goes .... more story, quest, map, content .... expansion I guess, New classes.
I'd like to PK. But unfortunately this is not MMO..
I want to see everything you took out of D2 that made it such a great game.
Compared to sell goods and Equipment items in the AH.
Linux client.

If Valve can do it, why can't blizzard? Dropping the innovation ball, aren't we?
Gears switching.
Compare Item on AH
i want to have the option to ID all the rare items in my inventory. it's really annoying to ID one item at a time, it's time consuming and feel stupid.
NO1:rune word
Appear offline in Bnet

Items that are interesting...

Skill tree...

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