Hideously ugly Andariel's Visage

Demon Hunter
It's so freakishly ugly and disgusting, I unequip it when I log out just so I don't have to look at it at hero select screen.

Seriously please make dying legendaries transparent possible
I see a rise in Andariel's visage price if they can be dyed.

It's made in the image of andariel, of course it's gonna look gruesome, geez this game isn't a fashion parade..
I love that helm :) makes me look badass
Well man, for what reason it was crafted... no one can say
compared to mempo of twilight, i would say andariel's visage looks nice on a female DH
http://i.imgur.com/XhxX2.jpg << come on it looks amazing on a DH!
i too cant stand andariel. atleast you look like a badass samurai with mempo. im even saving up for a mempo for my monk which i barely use because andariel is just too ugly.
I see a rise in Andariel's visage price if they can be dyed.


I would actually believe this LOL
Vile Ward + Andy + lvl 63 chest armor looks great though.
I think Nats is worse looking then andys
the vile wards is more ugly compare to andys
Mempo is awesome looking, male or female. Who doesn't want to look like a horned vision of either Darth Vader or The Shredder?

Andariel's is horrendous though.
nats is the only helm i think looks ugly.. mempo and andys both look sick

too bad andys cant be like the giant skull color, it's a sick white
I would prefer they bring back the predator like mask frm d2
At least it isn't as bad as shako from D2, looked like a green ball sack on your head.
On certain classes andariel's visage looks pretty awesome, but on a guy barb, it's hideous. Their beard sticks out the bottom, same with guy WD with their lip rings.
i will start looking at mempos if it can start to dye invis lol

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