Pickup problem. Unavaliable to pickup item

Bug Report
Honestly this is not the first time i enter to this situation when i can not pickup item or gold from slained monster. Ok if there is gold there is no problem i can affort it and just leave that peace of gold that s fine but what if this will be legendary item? I cant just go next spot and farm next.
I think this is problem of creating objects and locations.
So this is hard to explain but when i kill monster he drop a lot of items and i was not able to pick up 1 item - yellow item. So it must cost some money e t.c.
Screenshot - http://i.imgur.com/qTe0v.jpg
I tryed to hit wooden car but i fail. It is not destroyble.
I know some other places when i miss some loot from monester.
http://imgur.com/Y3tZo,uYSr9,oRpak,rtq34 - here is it more screenshots
Sorry for my english.

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