250m to Upgrade, would appreciate some help!

Dear Fellow Barbs,

I realized that my hardheadedness needs to end and I have come to the community of awesome barbs for some advice. I have 250m to spend and am currently looking to blow 200m on a godly trifecta ring with vitality. Is that a good idea?

If not, could someone please tell me how I can improve my barb? I'm currently a stun-throw + ww barb. Thanks very much!

That 200m is better spent on a better mainhand namely axe/mace.

Both spear REALLY has to go first .

One slot for hellfire ring, which leaves another slot for ONE ring. Don't blow 200m on a ring, YET.

And don't put yellow gem on your helm, put red gem for faster exp. faster exp = free MF and free stats. Isn't that the reason you get hellfire ring??? For the exp
Spend the 200m on a godly echo fury, or better thing spend 100m EACH for 2 weapons.

Echo fury for main hand is good for you especially throw barb,

I don't want to explain why echo fury is better for you, it takes too long
thanks very much for your reply momok! I understand why EF is better for throw barb. However, i recently invested a lot on my two spears and so is there any other slot I can change besides the two spears? I understand your points and I agree.. its just that it would hurt too much to change them now since I JUST bought them like 1 week ago for like 100m each.

I will change the yellow gem to red now anyway. Thanks again!

Echo fury main hand, fast attack speed weapon offhand and of course with high dps. Get stone of jordan with 30% damage vs elites and cold damage. But if you really want to increase you DPS vs elites, get Stone of Jordan, you will notice a huge difference.
-One item you might want to look at is your gloves. You can either get STR, crit chance and get another DPS modifier i.e crit damage or atk speed

-In my opinion, get 1 IK gloves with STR, crit chance AND atk speed. It should bump up your DPS quite a bit.

-Frankly your other slots are quite ok, which means a slight DPS increase from your current one will incur quite a cost,

-You should just keep on farming and increase your paragon level.
@Momok Yes I think a new pair of IK gloves with IAS and CHD will be better than a ring... Thanks for all the input!

@Ryce Hrmm looks like EF seems to be the weapon of choice... so I guess it's down to either godly IK gloves or Godly EF...

Happy farming fellas!
It is not worth to get IK gloves since ones with ias/cd rolls can cost significantly higher than rare ones with similar rolls.
-rare gloves cannot roll STR as high as IK gloves

-A trifecta rare gloves might even lose out to HIGH STR IK gloves with 1-2 damage modifier, not to mention the melee damage reduction which is very good for barb

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