Can you guys help rate my new barb?

He's only 40 hours old including idle time when I leave my computer on with d3 running. Any advice with Megacrusher?
skorn=v.iagra for your e-peen. sooner you detox, sooner you will make the double tornado build actually work. nothing wrong with skorn for other builds, but using it for DT breaks the build.

unless you are just running through mp0 since i see you arent using wrath. but why have vit gem in helm then? I dont understand.
Good barb, stack more cd for dps. Vitality is a little low! Find a skorn with str and vitality, they are cheap without LS. Life % is good, but the more vit you stack the more life % makes it increase.
@Phatphoeater, I do keyruns in mp7 by myself okay. What do you mean DT breaks the build?
First and foremost, drop Superstition for Weapons Master. Big damage increase immediately. BIG
@schizmark, yeah i know I do ubers buffed. Otherwise I like to stay unbuffed.

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